Wednesday, December 25, 2013

One Great Life Story of Coming Back

The following story from the NY Times this Christmas Day (and I hope they let you see the video) is all about coming back and understanding the beauty of living and life. Elizabeth Roxas-Dobrish has an artificial hip and returning to the rigors of ballet at 55 years of age had to take great courage. There is a lesson here for all, young or old; feel life now, let every minute touch you.

"When you're younger, you have everything - you have the flexibility, you have no fear. But you don't savor every step, every movement of every fingertip, every beat of the music. I feel like I'm tasting food for the first time."

ELIZABETH ROXAS-DOBRISH, on dancing Alvin Ailey's "Revelations" again at age 55.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Working with the Nexus 7

In the last couple of days I have stayed with my Nexus 7 while out of the house and I find it quite easy to use for 'most' things. The one limitation is reading magazines. I still like the larger format, 10", for reading magazines.

I also believe this is too small to use to teach from. I can learn from it however using it in the classroom is not easy. Again it is slightly small for that.

Someone mentioned the Samsung Note 8.1 the other day and I will have to see just what it looks like when getting something like a magazine on it.

In the next few days I will try annotating a PDF which is real easy to do on the iPad using Documents (Apple app). That, so far, is the best app there is for underlining, making notes, and highlighting a PDF. Actually better than Adobe Reader.

As this blog post is going up from email I will also be interested in how that works.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

It's cold, it's Sunday, and reading is good

I have always been one to read stories that impress what people can do and this morning I found one in a Forbes article. It's brief and you can follow up on the further bio that this links to.

I can thank Flipboard on my Nexus 7 for letting me read this.

There were other great stories this morning and it allowed me to enjoy breakfast at Starbucks and grab the news.

Now to check Facebook.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Air Control for Amazon Drones Needed.

After listening to the 60 Minute interview with Jeff Bezos I am blown away with all the coverage today. “Amazon testing deliveries by drone – Fox News, Amazon unveils futuristic plan: Delivery by drone – CBS News, Amazon says testing delivery by drone – It’s everywhere.

Jeff Bezos knows a ‘Mark’ when he sees one and I think he found one in 60 Minutes. “Amazon’s Jeff Bezos Looks To The Future” in which Jeff Bezos reveals that Amazon is working on using drones to deliver packages. Granted it’s out in the future. Valentine Michael Smith would be proud of Jeff.

dronepkgSuddenly today I had a thought: when Amazon starts its delivery service using the drones, we are going to have a great number of openings for Air Traffic Controllers. In fact we may need to have air traffic control units in every town.

In the report on 60 Minutes they discussed the fact that “Tomorrow, on what is known as Cyber Monday, it’s expected that more than 300 items a second will be ordered on Amazon”.

Now for the future of delivery. How many drones is Jeff Bezos planning on buying? I think I just might go into thedronepkg drone building business.

Let’s see; they all fly on wireless, use batteries, and fly under the radar. Oh this has got a lot of potential. Kids you have a future in flying.

Somehow I think we are all missing something. Yes it could be done but I am not sure we have enough air space. I suspect a big business will be in Drone Repair and where we used to scavenge for golf balls we can now scavenge for downed drones.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

How Fast Should We Be Moving With Process / Product Development?

In reading an the latest issue of Inc. magazine there is an article about Aaron Levie (CEO of Box – a cloud storage company). Aaron Levie is Inc’s 2013 Entrepreneur of the Year. In the beginning of this writing there is a quote that should be taken seriously:

“The research company Gartner predicts that by 2015, at least 60 percent of information workers will be accessing their content on mobile devices.”

Gartner is, a well thought of, solid tech analytical organization, so my question: When do we begin to develop for 2015? Now? Or do we wait to see if what Gartner predicts becomes a reality and then we go into crisis mode? What will our competition be doing in the next 15 months (actually we are only 13 months away).

Major question: How fast were you able to make the last major change in your MO or better, use of technolgy?

Prior to the quote above there is a reference to Aaron Levie saying something to the effect that the hard drive is dead and the PC “is on life support”. Hmm…. I can verify that in my own micro world and I am not the person to whom the writer is necessarily speaking.

inc-logoThis writing is so much more than what is happening today in the real world of technology and storage. It wants you to look at decisions made and people willing to understand changes for what they are;  Power to the people.  It would like you to think about what you are doing and what is going to be for the future.

There are clips about those that did not accept the tablet changes, who wanted to wait and see, and who are still trying to do as little as possible to give Apple credit for being ahead of the game. Google, with Android, was quicker to jump than others. Within the Android arena there are companies like Samsung making great headway.

I like to ask questions. Did you see BYOD happening? Do you see it now? On what scale? Are you aware what your employees, your B2B employees are using? What are your clients employees allowed to BYOD? Are you building for them?

In the last year alone I see more people in a MacDonald’s or Starbucks with tablets and phone’s (of all makes and models) accessing email, the Internet, and data of their own. I watch frequently as individuals or groups attend online meetings on these tablets while outside of their office. On these devices are apps for Box, Dropbox, iCloud, and perhaps Amazon. There are others.

Yesterday my friend Franz Dill posted on his blog, The Eponymous Pickle, “iPad Business at The Proctor & Gamble Company. In that article there is a link to an Apple iPad in Business profile page which has some interesting video’s. It may not be the number of companies represented but it does matter the number of people within those companies that have gone tablet and in this case with the iPad.

If you read this blog you know that I believe that the consumer will drive the Enterprise both inside and out. Do not build for Apple, Google, or Microsoft. Build for the people who use your products and services. The day’s of saying “To view this website correctly you must be using Internet Explorer” are over.

The Inc. magazine article can also be found online. “Don’t Bet Against Aaron Levie” and perhaps you should read it. 1) to read about Aaron Levie and Box, and 2) to grasp the accelerating speed of acceptance of new technology.

Note: You can also subscribe on your iPad or Android tablet to Inc. magazine.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Microsoft Remote Desktop

This is the way it should be. Microsoft has made an app that is usable across Windows, iOS, and Android.

MSRD I discovered, in a search for Remote Desktop apps at Google Play, an app my Microsoft. I thought “this is interesting” and I had to try it out. Whoa – it worked real well – can’t say the same for the server I connected to.

Next quest; was this app available on iOS for my iPad? Yes it is. I downloaded the app from iTunes (Free) and installed it on my iPad. It worked really well. Actually it worked better on the iPad than the Nexus 7 due to screen size. The SharePoint site that I accessed is not scalable (bummer) so the smaller screen was not to my advantage, same with the Samsung Galaxy S3 phone. I believe that is the web site though and not the app.

I had no issue setting up the connection without written instructions so this app is a no brainer for anyone needing remote access across all operating systems.

While on my iPad (3rd generation) I actually opened Microsoft Word 2010 and had full access. I proceeded to write a long page and discovered everything worked really well, One funny aspect was spell check. If I misspelled a word I would get the Red Underline however there is no Right Click on my stylus (imagine that) so I ran Spell Check from the Review tab and that worked as it should. I am much impressed. I could see the ability to access Office software on a server and be able to create as well as edit all types of documents with any device.

If there was an issue it would be that one cannot work off-line on Word (or Excel) on the iPad or Nexus 7 (orMSRD Comp phone or other tablet). I for one hope that is coming to iOS and to Android.

We are all different and the one computer/tablet/phone mentality is not going to work. We all drive different cars, wear different clothes, and enjoy different entertainment. I think Microsoft has made a small move here and in the right way. Our choice of hardware should not limit our choices of software. This can also be said to Apple and Amazon. Now that we understand the technology no more Kindles, too limited.

This morning I added the same app for Remote Desktop to Windows 8.1 and now the tools I use are consistent  (or could be) across all my devices. I believe that this is the way it should be for all to benefit from the technology. I wonder if this app is available on the Kindle?

Now if I could just get our company to upgrade it’s SharePoint web site so I could use Pinch & Zoom.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Going digital

Getting rid of my collection of books. Time to go digital. For the past two years all my reading has been digital and I cannot see my heirs or assigns really getting into what I thought important. Each of us had our own world. From time to time we are blessed with fellow travelers - or voyager's in my case.

Notepad Pro - The Mobile Blogger

Yesterday I posted using Notepad Pro from my Nexus 7, this morning I posted a picture using my phone, and now a note also using Notepad Pro but from my phone.

I think over the years I have taken this blogging thing to seriously. Time to lighten up and just enjoy the technology as it is.

I can always part a picture and follow that with a written post. Life is to short not to have fun doing this.

I am always amazed at the constant flow of traffic at Starbucks on Sunday morning. Got to be a country sing about Starbucks. Hmmmm.... magnetic should write one.

Updated I need to review before posting  "magnetic" was to be "maybe I". Now to see how the update posts.

Notepad Pro - The Mobile Blogger

Yesterday I posted using Notepad Pro from my Nexus 7, this morning I posted a picture using my phone, and now a note also using Notepad Pro but from my phone.

I think over the years I have taken this blogging thing to seriously. Time to lighten up and just enjoy the technology as it is.

I can always part a picture and follow that with a written post. Life is to short not to have fun doing this.

I am always amazed at the constant flow of traffic at Starbucks on Sunday morning. Got to be a country sing about Starbucks. Hmmmm.... magnetic should write one.

Sunday morning at Starbucks.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Notepad Pro - Notepad Pro

This is a quick and easy note taking app that does very well. Available on Android devices. I currently use it on my Samsung Galaxy 3 phone and my Nexus 7 (original one). Installed from Google Play.

You cannot change the font size. Actually there is not much you can do as in formatting, making something bold or italic, you cannot add bullets, nor can you include a picture. You can dictate your note also, if that is your style.

Notepad Pro is just a note taking app, plain and simple. It replaces that scrap piece of paper you carried in our pockets.

Notepad Pro does not synchronize with other devices or connect to the web.

Notepad Pro is quick, easy, and painless. There is nothing to learn.

Only caveat is that once the note is created you must go back and read them, a problem that I suffer from. Notepad Pro does not have an alarm system that you can use to alert you to an upcoming event.

Evernote does have an alarm system however there is a small learning curve to Evernote. Evernote does synch with other devices and on the web however you are back into password controls, setting up folders, Notepad Pro does not have any of this. Notepad Pro is a pure, simple, clean note.

You can email your notes to yourself or someone else. You can also set a priority for your note, as in Normal, Important, High, or HOT! You can change the color of the note. When you change the color of the note the note in your list with that color.  Your priority also appears on the left side of the listing.

Notepad Pro has Preferences with allow you to change the font size for your note, the sort order (Title, Color, Date Modified) in the listing, as well as sort ascending or descending.

You can search your notes for that lost one. Much better than keeping your notes on a scrap piece of paper.

Google Nexus 7 by Asus
Still the Curious Voyager

Friday, October 25, 2013

Mama don’t let you babies grow up to be lumberjacks!

As I read my top 3 subscriptions to magazines, Wired, Inc., Fortune, I suddenly realize the number of jobs that could become extinct in the future, Lumber Jacks will be one of them. We will need them for maintaining our forests however with building’s being made of composite materials, steel, glass, plastic, we do not need lumber for building.

Now the need for paper is dwindling. I don’t care what you might say about wanting the feel of the morning newspaper with your coffee, or the tactile stimulation of holding a book while reading, paper is disappearing. The printing industry is disappearing.

As kids going to school begin to get their books on e-readers and as newspapers shrink in distribution and size, (and we get our news on the TV or computer, tablet, phone) fewer and fewer lumberjacks will be needed. E-books for general reading purposes, learning or entertainment, are outselling the hard cover or paperback products. In our Tech world all of our manuals are coming in a digital form.

My wife gets a digital subscription to our Cincinnati Enquirer and I get my news via digital app’s, as well as news web sites.

Look at all the jobs beyond lumberjacks that will disappear or (in some cases) become extinct. Press operators, truckers hauling paper to printing plants, printing plants themselves as well as equipment repair and maintenance. Along side it will be the methods of distribution all the way down to the bookstore and the paper boy/girl.

Have you noticed that some large billboards are not being produced in digital form? That some signage, as well as advertisements, downtown or at the airport, are being shown on large flat panel digital displays? The Silk Screen presses will also be disappearing.

I wonder about the world after the Gutenberg press, or the Heidelberg Press for that matter.

Wired Nov 2013We will still need story tellers, journalists, sources of news collection. We just won’t need to go to the news stand (another missing element) or pick it up off the porch (sometimes wet).

Did I mention that those 3 subscriptions I talked about at the beginning were on my iPad? Oh yes, not sure why they still send me the paper edition. It is so much better on the iPad. I do all my reading on a digital device.

I might also mention that the cover story on this issue of Wired is good reading. One of my pet concerns is education and the writer here does a good job of bringing a very important point home. Our system needs changing. But that is another story.

My apologies to Willie Nelson for re-working a song title of his. Love Ya Willie!!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Windows 8.1 Update – What Fun!!

I have had the pleasure of updating 3 Windows 8.0 computers. Of the 3, 2 had been running Windows 8.1 Pro Preview that I installed when it was released in July.

First let me say that my friend Franz (The Eponymous Pickle) kind of pushed me a bit as I was waiting a day or two and he jumped right in. I know his download time was long but then on the first day that was to be win8-1 expected. I believe he said it took about 4 hours on October 17th and on the 18th it took me about 2 1/2 hours.

On my first update the computer was a fairly new HP laptop running Windows 8.0. Actual install time, after download, was about 30 minutes and it worked really well. I am jealous of the Touch screen on my wife’s computer as it really is a nice way to go.

On the two computers running the Windows 8.1 Pro Preview the story was a little bit different.

Initially I had installed Windows 8.0 Pro on both computers. 1 was a 7 (maybe 8) year old HP Desktop and the other a HP laptop only about 1 and 1/2 years old. As I said in July of this year I updated both to Windows 8.1 Pro Preview. The one thing I did that was good was to follow Microsoft’s recommendation and I when to 8.1 Pro Preview from the Windows Store. That proved to be beneficial in the final update.

Per instructions I was happy to discover that I could update both of these computers to the final release of 8.1 Pro right from the Windows Store. In reading the information it said that I would have to re-install all my Windows App’s as well as Desktop App’s. Terminology gets me here. After 40 years of referring to specific application software as “Software” I did not connect Desktop App’s with Software. I decided I did not  have any Desktop App’s that would matter and if I lost some of the ‘Gadgets’ I had installed not a problem. I plunged on.

So I updated to Windows 8.1 Pro Update. Total time about 2 1/2 hours (maybe 3 - I stepped out).

Looks good. All my folders and files are there, desktop looks the same with my special picture. This is cool.

Wait a minute; where is Office 365? What happened to Evernote, Dropbox, and on and on and on. Now I understand what Desktop Applications are. A revelation at best and "Learning Experience". Hmmm.....

Getting Office 365 back on my computer was not as easy as it should have been . There were no directions and I had to ‘assume’ that I could Deactivate it from my Computer (at the Microsoft Office 365 website) and then re-activate. Once I forged ahead to do that then everything was fine. I did search all of Microsoft's Office 365 website however I did not find anything that suggested this approach. I am sure there are others with the same quandary.  

Instead of getting frustrated I got fascinated (thanks to Jim Rohn). Golly, I wonder why that happened? WOW a learning experience. The philosophy is great; If you get frustrated you only get angry and nothing gets accomplished. If you question and look answers come and you learn.

StartScreen002After that the process of re-installing all my software and setting everything back up may have been a time consuming task however it was one that I can do and not all unhappy about. Sometimes it pays to clean up.

All in all I thought it was worth the effort. Windows 8.1 Pro looks good. All my software is installed, all my gadgets back where I want them, and my Start Screen is working for me.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Saturday’s thoughts on phones, tablets, and laptops.

First let me say that I think desktop computers are really a thing of the past. Today’s laptops are just as powerful as the desktops of the past (or more so). Today, with the addition of an external monitor or two, laptops do exceedingly well. So let’s just really look at phones, tablets, laptops.

I think I have mentioned before that I am getting somewhat bored with the lack of good applications across all these devices. One’s that sync easily and will perform the same on any device. Could we call this ubiquitous app’s? 

An example would be Evernote.

I love Evernote. On my Windows laptop Evernote is fantastic. The synchronization is fantastic. Background: I used OneNote for 5 years before switching.

I like to make notes, highlight things, use bullets, as well as color to emphasize. I like to do preliminary writing on Evernote, prep for a blog post, thoughts, etc. On my Android phone, not that good.  I like my Samsung Galaxy S3 but going to Evernote on the phone from the laptop is not easy AND IT SHOULD BE.

Developers need to take the time to be sure that the user (customer) experience is great everywhere. I have the same issue’s with Evernote on my Nexus 7 and to some degree with my iPad. I am beginning to believe that Evernote favors the iOS first, Windows OS 2nd, and finally Android. In some cases it could be Windows OS first.

Unless that user experience is good across all the devices we will be continually searching to find that app that will.

An example is that I love Microsoft Word, have used it for years (1983?). Right now I am trying to find a replacement on my laptop that will work well on my phone as well as on my tablets – both Nexus 7 & iPad. There could be an upcoming Samsung Galaxy tablet and it needs to work well there.

About 2 or 3 years ago I decided the future was digital. I purchased a stylus and pushed myself to where I use my phone and tablets to take notes. I intentionally do not carry a pen or pencil and do not wear a watch. I use my laptop for finalizing writing (as in this blog), heavy duty Office work as well as for designing. I do use extensively my phone or tablet with either Skitch (from Evernote) or Sketchbook Pro (from Autodesk) to sketch or draw. I use Skitch to annotate pictures with measurements. Both really wonderful tools on the phone or the tablet. Both also work on my Windows laptop but require a pen – that I can handle. I am hoping that the touch screen will take care of this. (I haven’t gotten the touch screen past the controller).

I tend to think of purchasing a device as in buying a car or truck. I want certain colors, accessories, and power train (4 cyl., 6 cyl, diesel) however I want to be able to use the same DVD’s between cars, or hook up my phone, my tablet, and play music. I do not want a Ford with only the Microsoft Windows phone, or a Hyundai with only Apple like connections.

My apps should be able to navigate these various OS’s. I want to use Microsoft Word on my phone and my Nexus 7 and have it work the same. I understand that I will 1) pay for it, and 2) it could be a ‘lite’ version – however it should have all the basic features.

Sound pie-in-the-sky? Well maybe it is, but we should be working for this. It will be this way when Singularity is here. The first one there could win really big.

Oh, and while I am at it; Microsoft the apps do not need to fill the screen or even partially fill it. I should be able to resize that weather app and then put it where I want it. In fact my Start screen could be my app screen. Switching between desktop and Start screen is too easy not to be able to do this. I guess this would mean creating a Start screen that would allow freedom to resize app windows to arbitrary dimensions. In other words grab a corner and drag. I’ve seen that some place before.

SaturdayStarbucksNeed more coffee

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Yahoo Personal Pages vs iGoogle

With iGoogle going away I had to find something else to give me my news upon opening my browser, Yahoo Personal Pages fits right in.

yahoo001I have to admit to having used Yahoo Pages years ago, before the Google onslaught. I have kept my Yahoo email address current so given the opportunity I thought I would try it.

I was surprised to find that my ‘old’ pages were recognized however some things were missing, Brief Case for one and My Reference page as well disappeared. On first glance this was really good. I tested a few more things, set up some pages and RSS feeds of my own, and have been using it for at least two weeks. I should say I am also using Feedly but have not upgraded to the “Pay” version.

I am very happy with Yahoo Personal Pages. It gets me the news as I want to see it – the headlines and a few lines following. Much like iGoogle however it is a bit easier to read, better landscape positioning.

I will have to add the links to my References page. I like to be able to just have quick access to philosophy research sites as well as word sites like various dictionaries, thesauruses, and then of course Wikipedia as well as other ‘like’ sites.  Sometimes a page like this is easier to use than booYahooMailkmarks.

I have now weaned myself from iGoogle and beginning to wonder about Yahoo email. Hmmm…..It really does have a nice interface. I have the Yahoo email app on my phone which also look very nice.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Google updates search for those of us with long questions.

I saw this yesterday in a number of places and today it shows up in the NY Times - Google Alters Search to Handle More Complex Queries - I really look forward to this as I am one trying to string
together longer queries.

'via Blog this'

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Google Buys Bump

In this morning's Computerworld; "Google buys Bump, focuses on mobile file sharing".

I guess my thoughts are the same with Google as they are with Microsoft. Make sure what you have now is working at it's best. Google Docs is still a 'far' second to Microsoft Office and Google Drive is not any better than SkyDrive (if as good as). Obliviously - in my humble opinion.

I use all the above products and I have said often that Microsoft Office is overblown however it is superior to Docs. I think that Dropbox exceeds at speed and accessibility over SkyDrive and Google Drive.

After reading the review link that I posted re: Box yesterday I started testing Box.   

Monday, September 16, 2013

Coming At Microsoft Office From All Sides

In my morning digest from GigaOm the following; “Box won’t say it out loud, but it’s now taking on Google and Microsoft with Box Notes.” It will keep on coming until Microsoft puts the power behind innovating for the current technologies.

OneNote was the best note taking software starting in 2003 but lost it to Evernote when Evernote became available on the smartphone. I actually switched to Evernote around 2008 because it was easier to sync between my computers than OneNote via the use of Microsoft’s Mesh – currently SkyDrive. OneNote has lost a great deal of the traction it once had because of that. Actually I just noticed that OneNote’s price has dropped.

So will Word unless Microsoft can give up the BIG numbers for a smaller less costly app product. I believe early on in the article by Barb Darrow in GigaOM she calls out Microsoft for ‘feature overkill’. Google Docs has just not hit a homerun – yet. Could Google? Well they also have to put something much more into it. You can’t even blog from their own software. 

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Microsoft’s Enterprise Focus Could Be A Big Mistake

I have written often regarding the fact I think many companies, including Microsoft, are not reading the tea leaves correctly. They see what is happening but because of their closed environmental thinking they are missing changes that are occurring outside the upper floors and it is happening very fast.

blog-promotion1Some missed the speed of acceptance of the smartphone, the tablet, and the power (that could be) of apps.

I had and experience this week that brings to the front what I think of as an example of the Microsoft Enterprise focus mistake.

I had been teaching Excel at a company that is considered to be in the top thirty of the largest companies in the country. During a break in a class a student asked about office 365. His question was; "is the package a full version or something light?" My answer was it is a full version of Office Professional, at least to my knowledge.

I explained that I use it, I have been very happy with it, and I recommend it to others. I also had to explain I just discovered that Excel Enterprise version did have some advanced tools one of which was something called Power View.

Along the same line I have recently had this discussion with an enterprise consultant who brings to the plate an in-depth knowledge of Business Analytics. I am one that convinced him to try the Office 365 subscription which he did and likes. This person also has used Tableau and Spotfire and is now looking seriously at Excel with all it’s recent changes. He might be a bit distressed to find that he can’t get all the tools either.

Is he deprived? How insane is it that. Where outside consultants, instructors/trainers, bring to the enterprise the new exciting tools, there are some we cannot have. If left up to the internal reaches of the company it will be years before they see them. And years before they subscribe to stay ahead of the game.

To augment my point; The conversation about Office 365 (with this career employee of the un-named company) is that his company is using Office 2007 with no plans to upgrade. Because of the nature of their business they could be considered power Excel users. This person wants to buy the subscription on his own and bring the new tools into play. He, and many others, want to LEARN! Microsoft’s Enterprise advantage is not an advantage.

There is an indication here that focusing on the enterprise just might not be to Microsoft’s benefit. The enterprise, as we are seeing, is being consumer driven, outside as well as inside. The increasing rate of acceptance of the ‘latest and greatest’ by the consumer, is far exceeding the rate of acceptance inside the enterprise. IT is scrambling to keep up.   

Bring it to the people!

In a world of BYOD we could be seeing BYOS - Bring Your Own Software. Or apps in the case of the tabletcollaboration and phone. 

This employee got the point. To grow I need to learn more and you know this just might be fun. What is new now!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

My 2¢ about Microsoft vs. Google maps

twocentsFirst it’s Bing (ba da bing) and now its map’s. Read all about it at Computerworld - “Microsoft takes aim at Google with Nokia's mapping apps.”

A simple question; Why? The only people that will go there will be Microsoft Fan Boys and Girls. I have Google maps on everything, phones, tablets, computer (via the web). If Internet Explorer doesn’t get more help who will go to Microsoft Maps? I tried Bing and it’s OK but I still use Google.

Actually Microsoft had a map program years ago however could not keep it up. I know I purchased it. They let it, like Encarta, drop out of sight. I also purchased Encarta. Bummer.

Microsoft has to stop fighting Google and Apple (and in the near future Amazon). Microsoft needs to better itself. If they can do that they won’t need to worry about the others. We have Ford, General Motors, and Chrysler doing pretty well.

I do realize the title of the article in Computerworld (the headline) was determined by the writer at Computerworld however the headline was a direct result of a quote from Microsoft.

"An effective alternative to Google," and "more than one digital map of the world" is needed, Microsoft said in a presentation on the strategic rationale for the deal, which was posted to the company's website.

Maybe Microsoft could make SkyDrive as fast as Dropbox. That could be an advantage.

Another thought would be to make sure that all Excel users have the same tools. Just discovered that only Enterprise users get some of the new sophisticated Excel tools.

I don’t think Microsoft has it right and not sure they can get it right.

I may change the name of this blog to My 2¢.

My 2¢ on the Microsoft-Nokia deal.

After reading Om Malik’s “Why I think the $7.2 Billion Microsoft-Nokia deal is a terrible idea” I started thinking about the way times are changing and questioning Microsoft’s scrambling around. I have read they are trying toMicrosoft logo 002 go the Apple way with controlling the devices. I also read that Google is eating into their markets. Time changes everything – as Apple can attest to. Microsoft needs to re-invent itself and not in the Apple mold or as Google.

For the most part I have to agree with Om Malik and his focus on this rather interesting direction at Microsoft however my thoughts go along a somewhat different line.

I like to look at Microsoft as three independent forces trying to operate inline with each other; Enterprise, Windows OS, and the Office software business. So much so inline with the other internal forces that it limits each groups own innovation.

Enterprise has it's own nightmare. At one time it was controlled completely by corporate inside IT people, today that may not always be the case. Microsoft’s Enterprise division (group) needs it's own direction without influence from other internal sources. The Enterprise side needs to be flexible and open to all the devices currently being relied upon my the organizational worker – or ‘consumer’. As I see it the Enterprise is becoming less of a dictatorial environment and more democratic. BYOD is becoming (has become in some cases) the standard. They will be connecting that Apple, Google, Amazon, device to the internal network. Forcing Enterprise to work with Windows or Microsoft Office could create a bind in the long run.

As for the Window OS division they have their challenges. Chrome is gaining OS share over Apple and could over take Microsoft Windows in the open market (I said could). The Windows OS (and I like 8.1) is still not as quick or as open to accepting outside app’s as it should be. Again that is if it wants to stay number one or become iOS whose market is still on the small side but totally independent. Based on what is happening to the Enterprise area, iOS and Chrome could very well be a contender for space, and perhaps already are. 

The one big 'potential' money end for Microsoft is the Office software. Microsoft needs to acknowledge the advances of Google and Apple (and perhaps Amazon) in the tablet and phone markets and provide 'real time' app's for these devices, something other than connection to SkyDrive. It will hurt their large dollar revenue numbers in the short run however other cost savings will also go along and profit could, in the long run, still be there.

I priced out a laptop computer this week for someone and in the process discovered that to go from 8GB of RAM memory to 16GB was only $80. Two years ago that was $300. Perhaps Microsoft won’t be able to sell that Office package in the future for $400 – who will use it?

Question: Should Microsoft become the Microsoft Group? Operating 3 independent Public companies?

Friday, August 30, 2013

End of The Tablet (or Smartphone) As A Gadget?

OK I am tired of the iPad and Nexus 7 as cute gadgets. Add the smartphone to that as well.  “Oh yes, I have one of those. We can check our email, watch a movie, read a book. I can even go to Facebook while watching TV.”

Problem is I can only do a minimum of reasonable productivity on these devices.

ipadActually I am getting bored with the whole thing. It was fun at first, just like the computer was 30+ years ago. Now these ‘gadgets’ are a time sync. I WANT MORE!!

When will the tablet grow up? Become a useful productive member of society? And not have to beNexus 7 NEW 4-3 supported by a laptop/notebook computer? If these tablets are to really take over they have to do more. They have to evolve and soon. Best I have here is a note taking device with some communication capabilities.

Up front let’s say that I do not want to create web pages, design the next complex automobile, or architectural wonder.  All I want are all the office like resources.

Currently I can make a presentation from my tablet to others however I can’t take the order or write a really nice thank you letter on it, I have to return to the computer. I can present highly sophisticated real time graphics on the iPad and even my Samsung phone but can’t write a letter that includes graphics, charts, or photo’s (with word wrap), and send it to my client. Back to the computer. In some cases I can’t even edit the document I am presenting.

Forget blogging anything meaningful with graphics from one of these devices. Guy Kawasaki says you should not put up a blog post without a picture, hmmm…. back to the computer (which I am using to write this).

With our rate of acceptance of new technologies accelerating it’s only reasonable that we want MORE!! The issue is I want it NOW!!

OK Apple, Google, Samsung, what’s next?

My wife’s car is ready, the coffee is gone, so I will move along. I think the dealership thinks I have take up office space here.

There's something due any day
I will know right away
Soon as it shows
Read more: Westside Story - Somethings Coming Lyrics | MetroLyrics

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Yes the Tech Scene Has Been Changing–Where Have You Been?

NY Times article in their Technology section; Shifting Tech Scene Unsettles Big Players (published August 21,2013).  Admittedly this must be a fascinating read for someone who has not paid any attention to the technology changes in the last 5 years.

In my thinking the corporations having problems today are the people who produce the current technologies however they do not get why people buy them. Perhaps they are thinking “someday people will all get over these gadgets and return to the old world”. Why do these companies build these products? They do it to produce revenue. Most are inadequate derivations of successful products produced by an innovator of yesterday.

These same companies DO NOT understand the personal/sociological change occurring (or that has occurred). They produce for the money what is being purchased but do not "SEE" the change! Perhaps the change is not internal. “We build what they buy. Why people buy this stuff we have no clue.”

How often do you see someone (perhaps yourself) using a smartphone as a cute gadget? “Cool man”, I can make calls and get email and listen to the latest tunes on my phone. Oh and look at pictures also.

What do I see? People with graphical information related to their business data, being viewed on that same smartphone. These same people going to meeting’s with connections to their server showing Excel spreadsheets on their iPad as well as tableau visual analytics. This data stays up-to-date and is real-time. These people are not playing. This is REAL and it is TODAY! Apple device or Android, it works everywhere.

Koday JrQuestion: Why is it a sudden revelation that  HP's printer business is down? WHY is anyone surprised? Paper companies are going out of business - why? What is happening to the printer market? If Wall Street expects the printer market to grow they are out of touch.

NO ONE IS PRINTING! Amazing! Where have you been? OK some print but not the number that did. And it it getting less and less each day. Put you money on Google, Dropbox, SkyDrive, SharePoint, but get away from printers.

What is happening to the PC business? It is changing and as soon as some company is smart enough to realize that tablets of all sizes are becoming dominate productive devices we could lose a number of companies we thought would stay ahead of the curve. If major software providers of today don’t get off their high horse they will be replaced in years to come.

What is happening to the newspaper business? The movie business? The music business? What about books, magazines, the US Postal Service?

In closing; Yes the tablet was innovative, even if it took a long time from the first entry into the market to get to the iPad. Now look at the speed of development. We still ask what’s next? What have you done lately? Apple? Dell? HP? Microsoft? Just to name a few. Hey the iPad, iPhone, Galaxy S4 – that was yesterday. We want tomorrow.

Innovate, innovate, innovate. Don’t procrastinate, procrastinate, procrastinate. The consumer is ready now.

Finally. Today seems to be a world of choices in which the founders have lost track.

Friday, August 2, 2013

The End of Catch and The Beginning of Chromecast

I was a bit distressed on Wednesday (July 31st) reading in TechCrunch that Catch is shutting down. The article; “Evernote Competitor Shuts Down….” is an interesting read. TechCrunch refers to Catch as an Evernote competitor however I might not go quite that far. On the other hand I have used one of Catch’s products, AK Notepad, for some time.

Is this the ‘fear’ behind latching onto an app and then down the road it disappears? I admit that AK Notepad was free and I used it as one would use a scratch pad on my phone. I made quick notes, grabbed a phone number, simple shopping list, and even used it to alert me to buy lottery tickets. It was easy to use and it was FREE. Perhaps the FREE part is what did Catch in. Although my PRIME use was the phone it was also available on my tablets. Catch, the parent, would sync my notes between my phone and my Nexus 7.

NOW I am a big Evernote user but AK Notepad, as I said, was my scratch pad. I will now be using Evernote as my scratch pad I guess but what if it sells out? Always there in the background.

Going back to the FREE aspect. I am more than willing to pay a reasonable amount to have an app and I would have paid for AK Notepad. How much would I pay is the question. I pay for Evernote – $45/yr, and PrinterShare Premium for printing from my phone and tablet. I pay for many other apps on my phone and tablets. You have to determine the value to you versus the cost of the app. The NY Times is a case in point.

I like the NY Times however I will not pay the current rate for the NY Times subscription as I believe it is too much money. At $16.75/mo or $195/yr. (currently) for a digital subscription I believe that I can do as well with my RSS feeds and other resources. I would pay but we have to get it down considerably.

Chromecast -

On a little different note I received by Chromecast device yesterday and installed it last night. Installation was a wiz after dealing with some Internet access issues on my home network. I was able to show my desktop on the beautiful 60” Samsung screen and it looked cool. The desktop did stutter and not scroll as I wanted however that aspect is in Beta and I am sure it will begin to work.

I lit up the Netflix 3 month gift and away we went. Seamless viewing and my router is on the second floor the TV and I on the first floor. I controlled it from my notebook and next up will be controlling from my phone. I was quite pleased. Over the next couple of weeks I am sure we will be playing a great deal with this.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Updates: Android 4.3 on Nexus 7, SafeMonk, and More

Nexus 7 NEW 4-3Just received my update for my Nexus 7 to Android 4.3. I have to admit it is faster and cleaner. I have not gotten deep down in however what I see I like. I was impressed that it was pushed out as fast as it was. I had read all about the NEW Nexus 7 (I really want that front facing camera) and the article said that Google would be pushing out the Android 4.3 update but did not specify a date. I think that the telecom's could take a lesson from this. I could be tempted to buy a Nexus phone if one is offered in the future.

On Feedly: I am really beginning to love My Feedly (over from Google Reader). In reviewing my news on My Feedly I picked up a few new things from Lifehacker. One of those was SafeMonk for Dropbox. Since I currently use Skydrive, Dropbox, and Google Drive my biggest concern has been putting documents in any of the services that I want to feel secure about, security is a personal issue.

I have tried using TrueCrypt however it did not work on my phone and although GOOD it is cumbersome.  SafeMonk allows me to put documents into an encrypted folder and yet I can open them on my phone, my Nexus 7, and on my iPad, not to mention my desktop and notebook computers. All services available for Android, iOS, OS (Mac) and Windows.  I guess my real plus here is that I like Dropbox synchs speed over Skydrive and Google Drive. Dropbox is very clean. safemonk

SafeMonk  was easy to install on all devices. Actually the ease of installation on my Samsung Galaxy S3 surprised me. With SafeMonk I can also share ‘secured’ documents with collaborators (that sounds very underground).

On a side note: I just received an email from Evernote saying thank you for being on Evernote for over 5 years. With 65,000,000 users my user number is under 50,000 – cool. I started with Evernote using the FREE service and I am now a “Premium” user. Dropbox is the same. I am still using the FREE 2GB however I will be moving up to the paid service as I find it very valuable and easy to use. Most other services have some hoops you have jump through, Dropbox does not have that.

And now MORE. While checking out Lifehacker I discovered Contacts+ for Android, really nice. It handles my address book, dialer, instant messaging, and can connect with Facebook as well as Twitter. I actually linked it to Linked In and was very happy with that. The ease of access to all your contacts (with pictures) is really nice. Contacts+ will be replacing my other messaging apps as well as my current contact list that came with my device. I have installed in on my Nexus 7 also. Would love to see this as an app for my Windows based computer.

As a closing note my Chromecast has been shipped (ordered early first day) and should be here by the end of the week. Looking forward to it. I have already installed the extension on all Chrome browsers and just waiting for delivery.  I received my 3 month free subscription code for Netflix.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Learning, Windows 8 (8.1), Apps, Life and More

I am a Learner, a constant student, inquisitive and a creator. I have learned to use Windows 8.1 because I wanted to. I have also learned to use my smartphone, my iPad, my Nexus 7, all because “I” wanted to. I leaned to write in Fortran in the 70’s because I wanted to. I believe it is this attitude that really drives all of us to learn anything, something. We do not learn if we are really not interested.

I think this learning thing all started with learning to tie your shoes and other ‘early’ on training that was necessary to go into life. It didn’t stop there and it continues on thought out life. Look what I can do now Mom.  

There is the possibility that we might be able to work with something we are not interested in, however we never learn it. The tool remains a foreign object and in this form we are always frustrated, or in the case of a chain saw we can get hurt. It is this mind set that does not like change. In some cases we are nothing more than automaton’s, human robots. We do not evolve and we stay stuck.

I am going to assume (I know the other meaning) that you are reading this perhaps you are a ‘learner’s’ or doer, or worker in the true sense. To be good at what we do we need tools and we need to LEARN them. More than learn we need to KNOW!

I want to discuss our recent apps phenomena. 

I like apps. I think they are very powerful. I believe that this is the near future for technical progress. I do not relate completely to the far future (2260’s) as I had not seen anyone in Star Trek refer to the use of apps. I do not remember seeing Captain Kirk or Spock working with Microsoft Office (or any Apple, Android software). Hmmm….. I wonder if they make it to the far future?

Now for the problem. I like apps on the phone or on a small tablet however on a computer, or larger tablet, they are a lost cause. Apps that cannot be resized on larger screens are a problem. I am not referring to resizing them to a 1/4 or 1/2 screen, I mean my personal choice of size and placement on screen.

Take my Windows 8 (now 8.1). Love it, however the apps are not quite right. At home I have two 23” monitors, I do not need a 23” Weather app, photo app, or news app. Even solitaire is a bit out of line. Now the world can, from 200 yards, see that I am killing time.

Why not consider an app window that one could size and place apps at a spot they want. Let’s see. I want the weather app, a news app, and a sports app, of reasonable size, that I could visually quickly scan to see changing events. I want them right here on this screen, somewhat like placing apps on my smartphone. I also might want to quickly preview changes in Facebook or Twitter.

As I said, just like on my phone, I should be able to have multiple screens. One of those would be my work screen which in effect would be my desktop or home screen. With the advent of a second (or third) monitor I could open the screens up to be shared on each monitor. I should be able to fly directly to the screen of action when I need to, not scroll, or swipe back and forth. Touch dots, that’s what we need.

This is possible with Touch however the apps are not quite right. The same application could be applied to larger tablets; 9”, 10”. There are now “18” to 20” tablets being built, a little overkill (my thoughts) for a tablet but that’s OK.

ALL tablets should be working devices and I should never again here ‘entertainment’ device. My computer is an entertainment device, the statement is meaningless. Why have a device for a single purpose?

While apps are not the final frontier they have to get us there – or at least be a stepping stone. Can you hear me Apple, Google, Microsoft? Give us from freedom to do our own thing!

Commander Scott (Scotty) we need some help here in the 21st Century. Please have a talk with the engineers.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Restore The 4th

Let’s keep on enjoying the true meaning of Independence as well as keeping Freedom alive in these United States.4th_amendment

Monday, July 1, 2013

Update on Windows 8.1 Preview Install

I am still all in favor of the Windows 8.1 Preview that I wrote about this morning. There has been one additional issue and that is the printer drivers for my HP Photosmart C4780 All-In-One printer. I had to  uninstall the driver’s and re-install the whole package.

Interestingly the HP uninstaller crashed when it was almost complete on both desktop as well as laptop. At that point I restarted the computer and used the downloaded file, from HP, to re-install all the drivers. The re-install was faster than any install I had done previously and I was back up and running very fast.

Let me point out that the printer aspect of my HP Photosmart printer was functioning as it should have been after the Windows 8.1 Preview install. What was missing was the ability to scan.

I had identical experiences with both desktop and laptop and after re-install all worked well. I really have not noticed any down experiences with the Windows 8.1 Preview. For the most part I have found it fun to discover the changes.

I was reminded tonight that, over the past weekend, I had said I was finished with Beta testing. In the past I had jumped at every chance to be the first on the block to try anything but now I am tired of all the ‘Clean’ installs and all the issues so I am out of the Beta testing.

Welllll…… that didn’t take long. How about that Windows 8.1 Preview – works great!

I am hoping that the final release will be as easy. I know ‘Clean’ installs are good for the system, gets rid of the junk, but they are hard on the time these days. Way too much software installed. 

Happy Tuesday – well it will be in a few hours….

Windows 8.1 Preview–Looks GOOD Plus One Suggestion

Saturday I installed the Windows 8.1 Preview on my desktop computer. I really liked it and although I likedwindows-8.1 -B Windows 8 (the original) I thought the update was quite good. I use my desktop for all initial experiments, if it works and holds up then I will install on my laptop.

First let me say that I liked the previous Start fly-out tile (if you will) on the desktop that would switch you back to the Start screen. The new Start button, again to me, is somewhat of a laughable concession to the whiners. Whatever it takes to please. It works, and like the previous fly-out tile, if you right click on the Start button you will find more options, one of which will allow you to shutdown. All prior keyboard shortcuts still appear to work and that is good.

I like the idea that I can resize the tiles, that is very nice. The new colors are fun however it would be neat if we could add our own photograph (different from the desktop) to the Start screen but I am not complaining. The bright colors on the tiles I like very much, nice enhancement.

The new down arrow to get to all the apps is another concession that works, the right mouse click was good also. It is a bit more obvious. I guess this was a big deal to ‘old’ users, new people figured it out right away. Oh wait a minute, I’m an old user.  Hmmm…..

I love the idea that I can put a really nice slide show on the Lock screen. I experimented with that and over the dual monitors on the desktop and it was a really nice show.

The only issue I had was a sound card driver I had previously installed. My Creative card would not run on Windows 8 so I purchased a less expensive one and installed it. After the installation of Windows 8 all I had to do was re-install the drivers and it worked. I’m in.

This Windows 8.1 Preview looked so good I installed it on my laptop yesterday with the same results, very good.

Now I have a suggestion that has been brought about by the new Windows 8.1 Preview and the ability to resize the tiles.

First a little background: I use my laptop as an instructional device. I teach as well as consult Microsoft Office application software, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, and other. I teach software beyond Office however these are the prime products. These software products are all part of Office 2013, Office 2010, and Office 2007. All are installed on my laptop. I use two profiles, one personal, and one as Instructor.

Orig tile layoutSince I can resize the tiles on the start screen it would be a great idea to be able to use a specific column for more than one titled layout. On the left is a picture of a partial layout of the Office 2013 and Office 2010 tiles side by side.

tufte-wallpaper modBecause I resized the tiles I would like to move the Office 2010 tiles below the Office 2013 and still be able to have the title line as in the example shown on the lower left. If this were to work I could actually add Office 2007 below the Office 2010 buttons and there be able to better utilize the screen.

I am sure there are others who could re-organized their Start screen in much the same fashion. I have columns for Utilities, Shopping apps, Design, and Development, as well as the Office products.

When working on the large 23” HD monitors connected to the desktop this is not much of a problem but would be nice to do. On my laptop this would be fantastic.

I really do like this update and I feel, since this is a Preview, perhaps there will be more to the final release.  I am looking forward to the final release this fall – sometime.

ENJOY your week…


Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Apple’s WWDC and Thoughts Of The Future

After watching Apple’s WWDC it becomes very clear that Apple is (or wants to be) connected to the consumer. They really focus on and sell to the end user. They do welcome the Enterprise however the individual is the main target of their products. The individual is more important. This is their message.

It’s in my Bio but I have been using desktop, and laptop, computers for 30 plus years and have been tied to Windows since version 3.3. They were Business Machines but today’s market has changed!

The market is not changing, it has changed.

These devices are now Personal. Yes we do work on them however we also use them in the home, on the road, and for social connection. We use them for the news, check on the family, and our own personal information retrieval. We get recipes, weather, email, music, video, pictures, Facebook, Google+, and more. We want the same device at work.

And we want consistency. Where is the productivity if I have to manage two devices? Hence BYOD!

So who do we have to look to for people that are building for us? The consumer? The USER!! We want tools and gadgets and applications (apps) and or widgets, that reflect our own needs, wants, personalities.

“Yea, I work for a company that is still in the dark ages.”

I think that Brian X. Chen and Nick Bilton from the NY Times, in quoting Charles Golvin, analyst at Forrester Research, said; “What customers are getting here is tremendous innovation under the cover.”  This pretty much sums it up. The article; “From Apple, an Overhaul for Mobile and the Mac” is worth reading. The video is from WWDC and a good view.

I managed to watch the WWDC on my iPad yesterday and I have to admit it was quite a show. I am looking forward to seeing the new iWorks and Pages in action. It could be that Microsoft has some desktop competition coming – and they deserve it.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

A Day In The Life of The iPad and Google+

I had originally intended the following to be a "Share" on Google+ but then it got a bit lengthy so I decided to post it as a blog post for the millions following me ;). I know you get that. Onward......(then I can still Share this on Google+ - it's the "Church Of All Worlds")
I just posted to Google+ however it has been a trial. I am using an iPad and reading in Flipboard - which I think is a great app. I wanted to Google+ an article and tried to using Flipboard.  After going through the sign in phase and using Google's dual certification, an issue with the iPad, (you have to do it everytime), Flipboard then wanted almost enough permissions to take over my Google+ account - ever after I am gone.  I said no and then was kicked out.

OK so now, still using Flipboard, I go to "View on the web". From the browser (?) on the Salon page for the article I attempt to Plus1 which generally allows me to post comments and then Share. On the first attempt, after signing in to Google+ and having the sign in verified (the reoccurring issue on the iPad) the browser window would just hang with the 'loading' circle showing in the middle of the screen. I tried this maybe 3 times and got nothing. After a whle it would only let me Plus1 or remove the Plus1. 

For someone who does not believe in getting frustrated, this was testing my will power. 

Finally I copied the URL (I learned something new here) and opened Google Chrome browser. I pasted the link, went to the article, and I still could not post to Google+ with comments.

At last I opened the Google+ app on the iPad, pasted the link, and wrote what I had to say. Perseverance pays off.  In the words of Jim Rohn, "Don't get frustrated, get fascinated". It works. 

I guess my biggest complaint is that each device is different. 

I want these devices work for me not me work for them. I defend Windows 8 however I get frustrated with the apps. I use the Android OS but each device you use, running the Android OS, is different. I have had a Droid (the first one), the HTC Thunderbolt, and now the Samsung Galaxy S3. I also own a Nexus 7. No two devices running Android are alike, each has to make it's own territorial imprint. And now the iPad. I am learning to like the iPad better however I suspect there is a Galaxy tablet (again) in my future. Main reason? I like the over all, very open, Google eco system.

It's Sunday guys why don't we all try to get our act together? It's a thought!   

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Get The USA Today On the iPad - Good Reading

Lately I have been using Flipboard as my news reader on the iPad and I think it is a very good app. Today I opened the NEW update to the USA Today app (from the App Store) and I am impressed. The app has really improved. I actually think it is better than visiting the NY Times on my computer (don't go there too much anyway, too expensive). Maybe real competition for Flipboard.

I was amazed at the ease of getting around, reading articles, and finding the various things one needs in a newspaper. I got the latest news, the weather app inside the USA Today app worked well, and finding scores was as easy as it could get.

I spent some time going through the various aspects of the app and really recommend it.

If there was one thing I would like to see added it would be to be able to Google+ an article. I was able to post to Facebook and I can see where you could Tweet or email. They need to add the Google+ button so that we can pass links around.

Got to have my wife checkout the Crossword Puzzle as that is what she likes to do. Now I have to see if I can install the app on her Kindle HD. 

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Some News and Thoughts for Today, May 21st, 2013

I find that everyday, as I scan through Flipboard, my Google homepage (soon to go away) and Feedly, that there are some very interesting items that one should check out. Things like Google Checkout going away. For those of us now connected to Google Wallet just a change in form.

Let's see, news that hits me today (leaving out those things that do no hit me).

  • "With XBox One and Play Station 4, Microsoft and Sony rekindle the war for your TV" from the Verge. Now I am not a user of either item however keeping up with the Joneses is important. 
  • We will be able to see pricing and availability on Pinterest soon with upgrade for iPad and iPhone. Nothing mentioned about Android or Windows so I will have to check that out. One thing of interest was that ingredients were mentioned also. Hmm.. after posting (or re-pinning) those recipes that would be of value. 
  • Yahoo swears it isn't going to screw up Tumblr by Mathew Ingram at Gigaom. I have a Tumblr account however have only used it once - maybe twice. Might want to check this out. I am getting more fascinated with Yahoo. I have an email account that is older than my Google account and with my Google Homepage going away I just may have Chrome setup Yahoo as my homepage. 
  • Back to the XBox One; Microsoft announces a Live Action 'HALO' TV Series with Steven Spielberg as Executive Producer - Nathan Ingraham at the Verge. This could be interesting as I tend to like Steven Spielberg movies. On the other hand if there is too much violence it won't be allowed if my wife is at home.
  • From "Apple Still Tops In Customer Satisfaction, but Losing Ground To Samsung..." What a great smartphone world for only being few years old. 
  • I have been seeing all the items on the rumored iWatch, the Sony Watch, the Google Watch, maybe a Samsung Watch, and Pebble. Will these be giving trouble to the Smartphone industry? Or will they link to your Smartphone providing you buy the right one. With Google Glasses who needs a watch? If the "watch" makes it to the market maybe Google Glasses will make it obsolete (or irrelevant) before it gets much ground. Just sayin......
  • "BI INTELLIGENCE FORECAST: Google Glass Will Be An $11 Billion Market By 2018". Now I have some interest in this (see the watch conversation above). I really believe that Google Glass will have quite a run. As Google adds apps to this no one can anticipate how far Google Glass will go. "It's a whole new world" (from Aladdin). I mean with words like; "A new fantastic point of view". Google should use this as a theme song for one of their adds. 
    • I would love to read this report however I would feel guilty signing up and then canceling as I cannot justify, in my position, the annual subscription. 
I have to admit that writing this on my iPad is not as easy as it should be. Trying to go between Flipboard, Blogger, and the web for links is much easier on a computer. So far as I can see the tablet is not yet being taken seriously. I am sure that one day it will be but by then we may be all getting what we need via Google Glass and talking our way through writing. 

Idea: Wouldn't it be great if the tool you were using to write would recognize major names and places from the Internet, devices or tools, even places movies, and then automatically show them as a hyperlink, with you having the ability to turn the tool on or off when needed. Something like Auto-Correct in a Word document.  I am sure there are other things that this could be applied to. We have the compendium of data at our fingertips. 

OK time for dinner. 

I have to say that I really do like my Flipboard on my iPad, my Samsung Galaxy S3, and my Nexus 7, too bad it is not on my Windows laptop. I guess you just can't have everything. I wonder if there is an app for Windows 8? That would work.

One Flickr News Story Today That Make No Sense

at least to me.

Confusion001Right off this morning there was an article in the INQUIRER regarding Flickr’s update; “Yahoo irks users with major Flickr revamp” Oh boy I can’t wait to read this.

Apparently we have some users that want to downgrade to the Flickr FREE (with 1 TB of storage) from the Flickr Pro however they foresee a problem. From the article;

Apparently, Flickr Pro is no longer a service and is being replaced by Flickr Ad Free, but for those that are still members, it seems that if they cancel their accounts they can't later buy another one. (*the highlighting is mine)

I believe that after the second comma the sentence is written, or stated, incorrectly or ambiguously. In the next paragraph, following the statement above, is this quote – part from a Flickr warning.

"When you downgrade your subscription from Pro to 'free' you get this message: 'Cancelling your Flickr Pro subscription is irreversible. You cannot purchase Flickr Pro at a later date.’”

I don’t understand the anger or the complaint. Apparently some want to cancel their ‘Pro’ account and then repurchase if they feel the need. Now if the Flickr Pro service is going away, as stated in the first quote above, it only stands to reason that you could not re-purchase it. “Here’s your sign!”

It does not say you will lose your account at Flickr, just the Pro aspect. It also does not say you will lose your pictures.

Maybe I am missing something. Could it be that the headline written in hope of gaining traffic? When reading the headline and then the blog post I expected to see thousands leaving Flickr. Actually the balance of the article appeared to be Flickr friendly - again, at least to me.

Someone took the class in writing headlines to attract attention. Maybe I should practice this.