Monday, September 16, 2013

Coming At Microsoft Office From All Sides

In my morning digest from GigaOm the following; “Box won’t say it out loud, but it’s now taking on Google and Microsoft with Box Notes.” It will keep on coming until Microsoft puts the power behind innovating for the current technologies.

OneNote was the best note taking software starting in 2003 but lost it to Evernote when Evernote became available on the smartphone. I actually switched to Evernote around 2008 because it was easier to sync between my computers than OneNote via the use of Microsoft’s Mesh – currently SkyDrive. OneNote has lost a great deal of the traction it once had because of that. Actually I just noticed that OneNote’s price has dropped.

So will Word unless Microsoft can give up the BIG numbers for a smaller less costly app product. I believe early on in the article by Barb Darrow in GigaOM she calls out Microsoft for ‘feature overkill’. Google Docs has just not hit a homerun – yet. Could Google? Well they also have to put something much more into it. You can’t even blog from their own software. 

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