Sunday, December 30, 2012

More on Nexus 7

OK I have connected my Microsoft Wireless Entertainment Keyboard 7000 to the Nexus 7 (Bluetooth) and it works very nicely. I have also connected my Apple keyboard that I purchased with my iPad and it worked fine also. This morning I connected by Microsoft Bluetooth Notebook Mouse 5000 and it works well also.

I have the Nexus 7 sitting in a Peacock Flexible Folding Stand for Iphone, Ipad, iPad 2, Zoom,Kindle,Nook,Galaxy that I purchased from Amazon. I think I may have overdone it and now the stand is unavailable. It is a great stand and works for the Nexus 7, my iPad, as well as my Galaxy S III phone.

What I can't seem to find connections to HDMI cables to connect to my monitor plus an external hard drive although I can use the Bluetooth I believe to transfer files. Spell check on this device is great.

Adding an image to Blogger here I should be able to connect to my Picasa account but I do not see that availability.

I like the Blogger software however Windows Live Writer (unavailable on the Nexus 7) has better features for handling pictures and remembering links. The addition of Zemanta to Blogger would be very handy also.

Now to go and find more 'cool' stuff for the Nexus 7.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Blogger on Nexus 7

Just installed Blogger on the Nexus 7 and now trying to see how it works.

My first reaction is that I cannot access Picasa to add pictures. That should be fixed. Interestingly I can access Dropbox or Skydrive as well as the gallery on the Nexus 7.

I do like the keyboard with its swipe like features. Its not my FlexT9 keyboard however it works.

Linking works and although I can make text bold or italic other features are missing.

Yea, I know, I want it all...

Friday, December 21, 2012

Apple iPhone 5 Outselling Android In US

I am reading at TechCrunch this morning that Apple Reaches Highest-Ever U.S. Smartphone Sales Share at360211-apple-iphone-5-at-t 53.3%; Android Consolidates In Europe. There is an article and a chart, very impressive.

However as I read the chart and look at all those other area’s where Android leads Apple I am reminded of the 8-Track tape issue in the early 70’s where the U.S. was the leader there and the rest of the world were using cassette tape. Or even more recently the highly regarded Sony Betamax versus VHS debate, which went to VHS somewhat based on the number of producers versus just one. Cost, ease of access, and open accessories also relevant factors.

I think it is also important that these are 12 week figures, ending November 25th. There could be some seasonal weight here with people buying gifts.

Just sayin’…..

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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Upgrade to Jelly Bean

OK my Samsung Galaxy S III was just upgraded to Jelly Bean (Android 4.1.1) and my phone is much faster. Very happy. I had been afraid that we would go through the same delay, delay, delay, that we did with the HTC Thunderbolt upgrade. Happy to say we did not.

Still trying to find a good word processing app that will work on the phone and will transfer to the computer. These devices need to work with each other – phone to computer and computer to phone. It will be nice one day when the different manufacturers will allow us to use the same software across devices – with the same appearance and results. It’s there, we just need to bring a few ego’s down to earth.

If I made a mistake it was attempting to go from Windows PC to Android to iPad. I believe that Android and PC is the best way for me and for most businesses. Google has made a great deal of it’s products PC oriented and therefore we can move across.

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Friday, November 30, 2012

Today’s Tool’s and Lack Of Great App’s

I know that I have gone down this road before however each day a new thought occurs. We have all these really great devices/tools; smartphone’s and tablets (of all kinds), and yet we are lacking in apps that allow us to take great advantage of these devices/tools.

google-nexus-7-tablet 002As I have said recently, “most of the developers think it is all about games”. Not only the developers but the major players in the world of intelligent handheld devices think the same. I have to write this post on a laptop because I may want to add a picture (inline with text), or formatting something bold or italic, and maybe put in a hyperlink for the reader (the thousands of them) to allow them to find what I am selling (idea’s or thoughts).

I guess the thinking at Amazon, Apple, or Google, Microsoft, is that the mass market for these devices/tools only want to read, play games, or check email. I forgot listen to music (which I do).

I know that specific data checking software is written for corporate suits however they may also want to reply in more than plain text. They may want to also add a picture, format, or enhance their reply. These are the tools of the future and they are here today however the operating apps/software is OLD!

We can add mustaches on faces in Google Hangout but we can’t put an inline picture in text very easily.

If these devices/tools are going to take over we need powerful apps to work with. GOOD word processing, GOOD spreadsheet apps, really GOOD presentation apps. These apps do not have to be as powerful as desktop apps (software) however they have to be GOOD. The power of these devices/tools can handle it.

I have some good apps for production (Evernote, Sketchbook, AK Notepad and Pages on the iPad) however they are then different between devices/tools. I use desktop’s and laptops (or notebooks) as well as Android phones (Samsung now) and I have an iPad. The iPad may have been a mistake in that I now have to be multi-lingual. I had enough trouble between Windows and Android.

I can go from auto maker to auto maker and still get in the vehicle and drive it. The design of the auto is different however no one decided to put the brake pedal on the right and the gas pedal on the left.

In my mind the winning feature of Windows is I can buy an HP computer,  Dell, Toshiba, or Sony, etc., and Windows works the same and therefore so does Word, Excel, Photoshop, Evernote, or whatever Windows software I am using.

As for these devices/tools; Apple reminds me of Henry Ford, “You can have any color as long as it’s black.” You either buy into the Apple program and ONLY Apple or too bad. Everything must be APPLE. We are not built that way. Android, on the other hand, is across many devices however, unlike McDonald’s, they did not control the packaging. You buy an HTC and it does things one way, you buy Samsung and it works another way. Same for the Android tablets.

I started this blog post using the tools at Blogger (where I have moved to recently) however it does not function as well as Windows Live Writer and Live Writer is FREE! Since I do not use WordPress this is the best. There should be an app for Live Writer for these handheld devices/tools however Microsoft cannot bring itself to see the world is changing and they are not the only horse in the race. Hmmm….. Reminds me of Kodak or RIM.

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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Installed the Blogger Tool On The iPad

I have not used any blogging tools on the iPad with the exception of email. Once I installed this Blogger app on my phone I decided to see if it was in the App Store and it was. Here we are.

The only issue I have with most apps are those of us who have used really good tools in the past and not having to cut back the ability to really put out an enhanced blog post. For example; to add a picture or graphic I have to add it at the end and not inline with my writing.

The overriding thought that goes behind this is that the tech world itself is not taking seriously these tools and therefore they only think in terms of gaming or maybe reading books or watching movies. Who would want to do serious work on a toy. Folks it is no longer a toy.

For this same reason I see Microsoft heading in the same direction that Word Perfect did and perhaps for the reverse reason. Word Perfect could not cope with the rising tide of the Windows OS and now Microsoft is not believing in the rising tide of the different tablet OS's.

Still no one has of yet even come close to building an app that is a reasonable competitor to Word. It will happen. Once everyone realizes that only part of the power of Microsoft Word is necessary in over 85% (maybe 90%) of the uses. Same could be said for PowerPoint and perhaps Excel, although with the coming data revolution Excel is in a pretty good position.

It is very possible that there are many more devices using the Android OS, Apple's iOS and perhaps Chrome than there were using the Linux OS directly. Times are changing continually, almost everyday.

Since the tablet is the coming device and Microsoft is a late entry (once again) the Windows OS could fall behind in this area and then what will happen to the GREAT office package? Hmm......

I have heard the rumors that there is something coming from Microsoft for all these tablets but if it is a lame app they might follow the once powerful RIM.

In StarTrek it was all in a handheld device including the Tricorder.

More on Blogging Tool

Not sure pictures work well from this tool however the text appears well.

Blogging Tool

Just added the Blogger app by Google and wanted to test it out. I used this a long time ago and it did not appear to work well. Today, on this phone, it looks very good.

Now to add a picture. Need to see how that works.

Password Enlightenment

Everyone should read "Hacked" by Mat Honan in the December 2012 issue of Wired magazine. Very powerful. In fact you should leave it around the house for all too read. The article starts on page 180.

There are other good articles in this issue however read "Hacked" first just in case you get distracted.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

More On Phones & Wireless Keyboards

This afternoon I wrote a blog post re: connecting my Apple wireless (bluetooth) keyboard to my Samsung Galaxy S III and although it worked there was a great deal to be desired.

Tonight I have connected a Microsoft Wireless Entertainment 7000 Keyboard (also bluetooth) and it works really well with AK Notepad. All the keys, Home, End, Arrows, appeaded to work really well.

The screen is big enough so that you can work with ease.

I did try to use this with Blogger and had mixed results. It started out well and then began acting strange.

This was started in AK Notepad however I opened AK Notepad using the track pad and then the mouse buttons on the keyboard. I really was not sure what would happen and everything worked. Now one does not need a mouse with the phone however if you connect it to a monitor and use the phone just for your 'hard drive' then a mouse might just be a fine thing.

I guess my next step is to get the HDMI adapter and connect this to a 23 HD monitor that I have.

App's, we need app's. I think I am about to look for something more powerful than Google Docs but not necessarily Microsoft Word. Microsoft may never make Word (or Excel) available on anything running something other than Windows OS so we need something else.

I think it is interesting that investors and others still believe that this is an Enterprise driven market when the in roads gained by the iPhone and iPad were consumer driven. It will continue to be that. The Power is now in the hands of the people and that is what is freaking everyone out. I know, some do not believe it, they are not living the dream - WE ARE!!!

The NEW Phone

OK we jumped on board the Samsung Galaxy S III bandwagon and are pretty happy with the upgrade. Phone has a bigger and brighter screen (better resolution also) and it is a bit bigger in the hand but we can handle that (no pun intended).

Because we have everything backed up at Google 'most' all the app's we had on our Thunderbolts were subsequently installed on the new phones. There were a couple of lapses but for the most part it worked swimmingly. Interestingly  my FlexT9 keyboard was installed and I am having trouble finding it on Google Play. Nuance, the developer, also shows it however the last time I was out there it was not available either.

Speaking of keyboards; I am using the Samsung Galaxy S III to type this blog post (at Blogger) however I have synced, via Bluetooth, my Apple keyboard to do the typing.  It appears to be doing a decent job with a few minor glitches.

I think the most time consuming part is activating all the app's that are installed. Enter passwords and email addresses and in some cases updating the app for Ice Cream Sandwich. There were a few app's that did not work but not the important ones.

There is a learning curve as there is with anything new and when going from HTC to Samsung you have a different appearance of features such as Messages and even Gmail has a different feel.  This is still too small to do a great deal of work on and I am finding more issues with the keyboard.

I think I will post this and learn more. 

Monday, November 26, 2012

The Phone Dilemma

OK in the process of the great debate; do we upgrade our phones or do we keep the old phones and change just the billing plan. I am one of those who does like his HTC Thunderbolt. I use it everyday and in fact I am using it as my hotspot it with my Pad to write this blog post.

What are we considering? The Samsung Galaxy S III. My friend John has one and it appears to be a very nice phone with a lot of power. One concern is that it comes with Ice Cream Sandwich OS and I am wondering if it will ever be upgraded to Jelly Bean? The HTC Thunderbolt was supposed to be upgraded to Ice Cream Sandwich however that never happened. Why should I believe that Verizon will allow the upgrade to Jelly Bean?

After all these years I have come to trust HP (even when I get mad), and I have come to know Microsoft (and trust them to do what they say), however I tend to think of the Telco's with the same trepidation as I do used car sales. Never knowing what to quite believe.

Funny when I deal with Verizon Corporate about billing or technical support it is right-on. They have always been great support and that is one big selling point with me. Their coverage map is also very important. I go places the others do not cover well.

Hmm........ Have to go check the deal again. 

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Moving to Blogger and Other Thoughts

This move has not been easy for me. I did not lose the 6 to 7 years of blogging that I have over at Typepad however trying to sort out the small disaster that hit me when I attempted to export the blog has not been easy. I think this has had something to do with my lack of writing recently. I am working on getting better at that.

Since I basically work alone blogging has been a way for me to talk about my thoughts on the ever changing technology arena, and I think of it just that way sometimes, “arena”. The iPad comes out and WOW. Then right on it’s heels comes the Kindle, then the Nexus 7. During this time more versions of the iPad and more ‘Quick to market’ knock offs of tablets, many of which fell by the wayside. Building and marketing for the money just does not work.

Same with the smartphone. What a wonderful time we live in.

The accelerating rate of acceptance of all these new tools is mind boggling. Then we also face the anticipation of newer devices. I think, if one were to read all the predictions of what was next we could have a wild list of products that people have expected to appear. Perhaps some of these could be real advantages however gathering these predictions should lead thoughts of future products.

Now that I am actually using my domain it will be easier to find for everyone – I hope.

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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Medicine using Apps and iPads - This from the NY Times

This morning in NY Times is a nice article about the changing times in the medical field, Doctors using iPhones and iPads.

One app mentioned in the article was Evernote - my favorite note taking app/software. It cuts across all platforms very well and with the ability to take written or typed notes, take pictures (as well as annotate them), make sketches (Skitch - an Evernote product), take audible notes, and search all your notes. It is a great tool.

You can actually get Evernote for FREE to get started:

I find Evernote, for me, to actually be better on a Windows PC and my Android phone. On the iPad it functions slightly different and is not quite as well organized as it is on the Android or PC. I guess if you use the iPhone or iPad more than I do it is easier.

Read: Redefining Medicine With Apps and iPads - The Digital Doctor - it brings up these changing times. I will have to send this to my doctor although he has been using some of these tools already.

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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Unbelievable App’s May Not Always Be for Your Smartphone.

IMAG0248There we were, sitting in Terry’s Turf Club in Cincinnati. This place is known for it burgers and they deserve the great reputation they have – Top of the List!!

It’s Sunday and we are having a great time when friend Bob mentions that on one of the boards on the wall says “Deviled Egg App”.

We thought that Terry had come up with something for the modern day crowd. A quick search of the app store (your choice) we do not find a “Deviled Egg App”. We had to discuss this with April (“April is the best!) who is employed at Terry’s. Turns out “App” in this case refers to “Appetizer” – who would have thought. Another ‘geek’ term being app-lied in a different context.

These days it’s about the context.

Only link we have for Terry’s Turf Club would be reviews or Food Network whose Guy Fieri did one of his Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives shows from there. It was the Grilled, Smoked and Sauced episode.

If you are in Cincinnati you have to go there. Besides the great food it’s a Kodak Nikon moment.

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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

What Will Be The Future of Book Sales

Open BookAfter writing yesterday about Barnes & Noble not selling books published by Amazon, as well as Apple not selling books that have links to Amazon, I got to thinking about the whole publishing industry. We could say that change is inevitable however I like to think of it as evolution. Book publishing and selling has/is changing.

Publishers are beside themselves with losses of dollars from the sales of eBooks and the power that is now in the hands of Amazon, Apple, and now Google. They do not welcome the change and neither does the newspaper industry, the movie industry, the recording industry.

It appears that no one likes change but change happens. It happens at the top and it happens at the bottom and everywhere in between. That is what makes Life interesting, there is always learning. In the words of Jim Rohn; “Don’t get frustrated, get fascinated!” It has kept me going.

After writing yesterday I began to wonder “What if Apple would not sell your book if it mentioned Windows, HP or Dell?” What if Google would not sell your books if they mentioned Apple, Amazon, or Barnes & Noble?” This list could go on and on. I mean we even have Microsoft Press Books and they do not sell books re: Apple or Linux for that matter.

Who would sell “50 Shades of Grey”? Or the Bible? I guess I should have listed them the other way around.

The future? Publishers need to get into the retail market. They, publishers, must take it to the people. Refuse to sell through middlemen. In other words each publisher sets up their own Internet retail environment. They could then control the price and the media in which their product is produced. Sounds reasonable to me.

More change.

We do have one working example of this and that would be O’Reilly Media Inc.. I have purchased an eBookO'Reilly Logo directly from O’Reilly. O’Reilly books can often be found at Amazon as well as Barnes & Noble but how long will this last?

How long will it be before we get over the idea that we have to ‘feel’ the paper? How long before we can get all the data on the web including 3-D representations of products thereby reducing out need to visit Best Buy? When we go out it will be to visit, to see, and in my case, have a cup of coffee where good people congregate.

Oh that sounds good. I can take my wife and my computer with me everywhere. What else do I need?  I am sure someone will think of something.

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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Censorship Is Alive & Well Thanks To Capitalism

This is censorship that has nothing to do with social or cultural bias’s or fears. This censorship is the result of an attempt to stop competition. If Amazon publishes a book then you may only be able to buy it at Amazon, at least XBooksaccording to Barnes & Noble – the last (and dying?) of the great bookstores.

In this morning’s GigaOm newsletter I was guided to an article “Barnes & Noble reportedly instructs local stores to pull Amazon titles” by Laura Hazard Owen (Oct. 2, 2012). This brings back to mind a similar incident regarding Seth Godin and his manifesto “Stop Stealing Dreams”. In Seth Godin’s case it was Apple who pulled the book because of several links that would send someone to the Amazon store to buy a book. You can read Seth’s response at “Who decides what gets sold in a bookstore”.

I seriously would expect that the same would prevail at Apple Books regarding Amazon published books. I wonder how long it will take before Google gets involved in the same lack of concern for the consumer experience? Now the titans of the book industry will try to control what you read.

Perhaps many new and good writers show go to self-publishing and then we can buy direct from the publisher and not have to deal with the middle-person. That would work as long as I could read it as an eBook.

At the moment my choice would be Amazon, even though Barnes & Noble has a good café with Starbucks coffee. Since I have an account at the three major ones; Amazon, Apple, Google (alphabetically), I can, and will, read reviews and then go where I can get the book. This will all be dependent, again, upon being an eBook.

I just remembered I have a Kindle and Kindle Fire, hmmm….

Incidentally the same author at Paid Content had published a different story the day before (Oct 1, 2012). There is a link to that story below.

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Monday, October 1, 2012

GREAT Advertisement Placement

I was reading the article "Why you can't smile for your N.J. Driver's license" in The Inquirer ( and at the bottom of the first page is a ad line that reads; "Your Looks. Your Smile." It is an ad for an orthodontist.  Absolutely GREAT placement by Google Ad Services. It may not be there when you go there but trust me, great work.

Picture of ad from page - I'm all about smiling. .
Why you can't smile for your N.J. driver's license -

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Ah, Somebody Like Me - Adapts Early And Then Goes Totally Over

This article by Nick Bilton at the NY Times (Blog) Bits (link at the bottom of this post) is about where I am at. I disagree greatly with those who say, based on past history, that we will not adapt easily to the coming changes. We adapt, and sometimes to easy. We forget what the past was like.

On one hand this could be my problem. I "remember" winding the phone handle to get the operator however that memory is actually as if I saw it in a movie rather than real life. The same goes for a typewriter. Every time I mention 'carriage return' I get some smiles and some questions. We do adapt - and we now walk upright.

Back a year or two ago I read Nick Bilton's book; "I live in the future & here's how it works". It is really a great read and fun. You can follow Nick Bilton's personal blog.

The blog post that led me to write is here, Disruptions: Your Brain on E-Books and Smartphone Apps - go on and read it, really a good way to smile and enjoy Monday.

It is Monday right?

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Friday, September 28, 2012

More Consumption Of News Via Mobile Devices

In reading the report linked to below about New Consumption on Mobile Devices I was not surprised. On the other hand I know that there are a number of people who will not believe the importance of this report.

My thoughts are that this report is 'historical' and of interest however of more interest is the trend and the overall  increasing speed of acceptance of the mobile device as a news delivery mechanism.

I read my news on both phone (HTC Thunderbolt) and tablet (iPad). I do not miss the tactile feel of the newspaper. Last year I read over 22 books on my Kindle - and I was not the first one to buy a Kindle. To me it has become a natural way of doing things.

The world is changing rapidly.

Here is the article from GigaOm:
It’s official: News consumption is all about social and mobile — Tech News and Analysis:

And here is a link to the Pew Research Center report.

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Microsoft Wants A Major Investment in U.S. Education

This morning in Computerworld there is an article  regarding Microsoft calling for an investment in this country's education. There are some really good ideas here however it means getting our politicians to realize that education is a good thing and more than re-election talk.

Microsoft calls for $5B investment in U.S. education - Computerworld:

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Blog Moved From Typepad to Here

I have moved my blog from Typepad to Blogger and have connected my Curious Voyager domain to it. I know there are broken links at Typepad and I am trying to fix them. In the meantime if you have landed here by any means please bookmark (make a favorite) of this page as this is where I will continue to post to.


A New Google App

Interesting looking app for finding new or different places in your town or any town you are in. The article, from the NY Times is worth taking a look at. For those with iPhone, this app could be around the corner.

A New Google App Gives You Local Information -- Before You Ask for It -

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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Staying Relevant In Tomorrow’s World

Just finished reading one of the best articles on staying vital in tomorrow’s world. From The New York TImes; “To Stay Relevant In A Career, Workers Train Nonstop” by Shaila Dewan.

Learning-wkrAlthough this article talks to businesses as well as employee’s it could very well apply to anyone looking at life tomorrow.

To quote from the writing;

The need to constantly adapt is the new reality for many workers, well beyond the information technology business. Car mechanics, librarians, doctors, Hollywood special effects designers — virtually everyone whose job is touched by computing — are being forced to find new, more efficient ways to learn as retooling becomes increasingly important not just to change careers, but simply to stay competitive on their chosen path.

From my perspective, to rephrase, “The need to constantly adapt is the new reality.” Period, end of statement.

Yes for workers as discussed however for all facets of life and living. Evolution is change and change is alive and well in today’s world.

Our personal entertainment is changing; eBook's, streaming video, apps for news.  The cars we drive are evolving; built in GPS, camera’s to assist in parking, computer systems for operation. Personal communication has changed radically; smartphones, Facebook, text messaging.

Learning is a fact of Life. Learning should be approached with great expectation and exciting anticipation. Maybe if wemouse were taught leaning (and reading) was fun rather than something we had to do we would all have been better off.

Why not start now and set the example? With the click of a mouse button there is a whole new world out there. Amaze your family and friends as well as your co-workers (fellow business owners and partners) with new found knowledge.

To much sermonizing for Sunday at Starbucks. I need a refill.

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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Updated Blog Layout

I have just updated this blog layout and this is  a post to see just how things are going to look. I have widened it meet with today’s monitor layouts and then have to view it on my phone and on my tablet. In the near future I will be moving everything to this web site.

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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Microsoft Can Help Get This Country Back To Work!

The reality is that Microsoft has some really great products that can help the recently unemployed get back to work. The word is not getting out.

microsoft logo 001What is needed is Microsoft to connect with state and federal unemployment offices and make a concerted effort to get their online products in front of the right people.

I have worked with the recently unemployed, people who have been working for the last 15 to 30 years. They now find themselves out of work and applying for jobs.

The burden for these recently unemployed is that the last time they applied for a job they did it with a paper resume, or stood in line at a personnel office.

Today one needs computer access, an email address, knowledge of how to use Internet Explorer (browser), and more importantly how to search for a job on the Internet.

Once they find that job they then need to be able to type a digital resume, attach it to an email or upload it to a service, and perhaps even print it.

All the ‘How-To’ is being taught via the employment offices and local adult training services, church groups and others. Local libraries also provide training and computers as well as internet connection.

What these agencies can’t provide are the software tools that are needed. Microsoft can!

For the recently unemployed this is a cost burden, they need to pay bills, feed families with the funds they have from unemployment or severance.

These tools are available from Microsoft and these tools are FREE.

They can learn these tools and can increase their value in the market place while at the same time making in-roads into getting jobs.

We should also be promoting the online video’s and services for supporting getting people back to work.

Microsoft get involved and help this county get back to work.

Two notes;

1) Yes, there are a lot of other services out there that can also provide the email address for free; Google, AOL, Yahoo, and others however they cannot provide the access to Microsoft Word which is still today the office tool of choice. This is needed so that the resume writer does not get lost. The majority of HR or Personnel offices do not use Google Docs or Open Office.

2) I know that Skydrive provides PowerPoint and OneNote as well however right now what is needed is Word and Excel – they rest can follow.

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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Checkking Out Blogger from the iPad

OK here I am at Blogger and discover that there are some editing tools. I can make something Bold however it is using the HTML codes to do that. I have to think it will hide those when publishing. Once again no Spell Check and, although I can add a picture I can't add a picture. The page is there but did not work for me. I keep feeling like we have gone ahead 3 steps but back 10.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Getting Ready For Moving Time

This is actually a test blog so that I am preparing to move Curious Voyager to Blogger and want to be sure that everything is as it should be.

Before I move the blog that has been at Typepad for over 6 years I need to know it is all working as it should.

RR Crossing

I need to be able to add pictures and know that they work. This is one of my favorites.

Now to publish and see what happens.

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