Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Installed the Blogger Tool On The iPad

I have not used any blogging tools on the iPad with the exception of email. Once I installed this Blogger app on my phone I decided to see if it was in the App Store and it was. Here we are.

The only issue I have with most apps are those of us who have used really good tools in the past and not having to cut back the ability to really put out an enhanced blog post. For example; to add a picture or graphic I have to add it at the end and not inline with my writing.

The overriding thought that goes behind this is that the tech world itself is not taking seriously these tools and therefore they only think in terms of gaming or maybe reading books or watching movies. Who would want to do serious work on a toy. Folks it is no longer a toy.

For this same reason I see Microsoft heading in the same direction that Word Perfect did and perhaps for the reverse reason. Word Perfect could not cope with the rising tide of the Windows OS and now Microsoft is not believing in the rising tide of the different tablet OS's.

Still no one has of yet even come close to building an app that is a reasonable competitor to Word. It will happen. Once everyone realizes that only part of the power of Microsoft Word is necessary in over 85% (maybe 90%) of the uses. Same could be said for PowerPoint and perhaps Excel, although with the coming data revolution Excel is in a pretty good position.

It is very possible that there are many more devices using the Android OS, Apple's iOS and perhaps Chrome than there were using the Linux OS directly. Times are changing continually, almost everyday.

Since the tablet is the coming device and Microsoft is a late entry (once again) the Windows OS could fall behind in this area and then what will happen to the GREAT office package? Hmm......

I have heard the rumors that there is something coming from Microsoft for all these tablets but if it is a lame app they might follow the once powerful RIM.

In StarTrek it was all in a handheld device including the Tricorder.

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