Friday, November 30, 2012

Today’s Tool’s and Lack Of Great App’s

I know that I have gone down this road before however each day a new thought occurs. We have all these really great devices/tools; smartphone’s and tablets (of all kinds), and yet we are lacking in apps that allow us to take great advantage of these devices/tools.

google-nexus-7-tablet 002As I have said recently, “most of the developers think it is all about games”. Not only the developers but the major players in the world of intelligent handheld devices think the same. I have to write this post on a laptop because I may want to add a picture (inline with text), or formatting something bold or italic, and maybe put in a hyperlink for the reader (the thousands of them) to allow them to find what I am selling (idea’s or thoughts).

I guess the thinking at Amazon, Apple, or Google, Microsoft, is that the mass market for these devices/tools only want to read, play games, or check email. I forgot listen to music (which I do).

I know that specific data checking software is written for corporate suits however they may also want to reply in more than plain text. They may want to also add a picture, format, or enhance their reply. These are the tools of the future and they are here today however the operating apps/software is OLD!

We can add mustaches on faces in Google Hangout but we can’t put an inline picture in text very easily.

If these devices/tools are going to take over we need powerful apps to work with. GOOD word processing, GOOD spreadsheet apps, really GOOD presentation apps. These apps do not have to be as powerful as desktop apps (software) however they have to be GOOD. The power of these devices/tools can handle it.

I have some good apps for production (Evernote, Sketchbook, AK Notepad and Pages on the iPad) however they are then different between devices/tools. I use desktop’s and laptops (or notebooks) as well as Android phones (Samsung now) and I have an iPad. The iPad may have been a mistake in that I now have to be multi-lingual. I had enough trouble between Windows and Android.

I can go from auto maker to auto maker and still get in the vehicle and drive it. The design of the auto is different however no one decided to put the brake pedal on the right and the gas pedal on the left.

In my mind the winning feature of Windows is I can buy an HP computer,  Dell, Toshiba, or Sony, etc., and Windows works the same and therefore so does Word, Excel, Photoshop, Evernote, or whatever Windows software I am using.

As for these devices/tools; Apple reminds me of Henry Ford, “You can have any color as long as it’s black.” You either buy into the Apple program and ONLY Apple or too bad. Everything must be APPLE. We are not built that way. Android, on the other hand, is across many devices however, unlike McDonald’s, they did not control the packaging. You buy an HTC and it does things one way, you buy Samsung and it works another way. Same for the Android tablets.

I started this blog post using the tools at Blogger (where I have moved to recently) however it does not function as well as Windows Live Writer and Live Writer is FREE! Since I do not use WordPress this is the best. There should be an app for Live Writer for these handheld devices/tools however Microsoft cannot bring itself to see the world is changing and they are not the only horse in the race. Hmmm….. Reminds me of Kodak or RIM.

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