Saturday, March 26, 2016

Microsoft Office 365: The smart person's guide - TechRepublic

This is a very good read on Office 365 and you should take a look. Microsoft Office products are still the best available.

In my opinion Office 365 is there for the lite user as well as the one that wants everything. You can start on the lite side and grow into the power user you need or want to be.

I have been using Microsoft Word since the middle 80's and I can't think of a day that I don't use Word to do at least one of many things; write a letter, build a business plan, outline a proposal, create an announcement, and so many other things, sometimes just as a note that I know will grow.

I use Excel to both personal and business reasons. On a personal level I track medications, refill dates, and money spent. We use it as a family to plan travel or remodeling expenses. We remodeled the kitchen and did all our planning, tracking, and quotations within an Excel spreadsheet. Excel for business is incredible and today's Office 365 Excel includes so many great tools for analysis.

I could go on about Access, PowerPoint, OneNote, Publishing, and all the other tools (don't forget Outlook).

When reading this link keep in mind there is are versions for the individual and for households (currently $69.99/yr). I purchased the Household version (currently $99.99/yr) so that my wife, and Son can have a copy (you get 5 copies to download) and I also use it on a laptop, tablet, and smartphone - smartphone and tablet (iPad) are free.

Take a read - the cost is great and the tools incredible.

Microsoft Office 365: The smart person's guide

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Saturday, March 12, 2016

The rise and fall (but mostly fall) of social media 1.0 from TechRepublic

After reading the following post I am not sure that the author has much to say about the Fall of Social Media 1.0. Or rather the Millennial's don't have much to say or much to learn or much to think about. I suspect there is something missing here.

I do believe that Millennial's will understand the power of Facebook when they get out in (what was told to me a few years ago as) the "Real World" where people communicate with ALL generations to do all aspects of business.

I remember Tom Peters at one point saying "Who has the most money to spend?" and I believe his point was the people advertising to their own are missing where the largest disposable funds were.

It may not be top on the list but most corporations are run today by people who are not Millennial's. Hmm.....

The rise and fall (but mostly fall) of social media 1.0 - TechRepublic:

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Friday, March 11, 2016

A New Bill Wants to Put an End to Ridiculous Airline Fees

Pardon me, i think I am missing something here. Lifehacker has an interesting article however I guess it is ones perspective that is important. Pardon while i pass along my perspective.
I guess the airlines do not fill the pockets of politicians like the fuel oil companies.
On the other hand; fuel oil companies do damage to the common folk, whereas the airlines hit the people with money.
In retrospect the politicians have all their expenses paid by us so I suspect this hue and cry is for the benefit of the wealthy constituents of the politicians.
Keep in mind that fuel oil costs are also deductible by corporate organizations and they also contribute to the political economy.
We could take this further and I am sure our political pockets will (and us).

LolANew Bill Wants to Put an End to Ridiculous Airline Fees

Thursday, March 10, 2016

The Echo From Amazon Brims With Groundbreaking Promise - The New York Times

We have been using Echo since January 2015 and although we do not try every single app written for Echo, we find it very useful.

Alexa plays music from our Amazon Prime account, gives us the weather, and this morning read me my schedule for the day. I have it set up to order pizza from Domino's, and other items from Amazon.

We also use Alexa for timers when cooking or doing the laundry, creating shopping lists as well as To-Do lists. The Alexa phone app is on both my wife's phone and mine so we can to or relate to the these lists.

With the upcoming Echo.Dot we will be able to access Alexa from other rooms in the house.

It took awhile to get used to having Alexa at our beckon call but now no problem. We have the Wink Smart Home control, some iHome outlets, a few GE Connected light bulbs, and a connected door lock. We can control most using Alexa; "Alexa turn on the kitchen light" when our hands are full. We can also control these devices via the Alexa phone app (Android in our case).

Amazon Echo, or Alexa, is not the Future; it is here and now.

If for some reason you cannot access the link below search Amazon Echo and take a good look.

The Echo From Amazon Brims With Groundbreaking Promise - The New York Times:

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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Mobile data services: Which provider is best? | Computerworld

Mobile data services: Which provider is best?: Very interesting read with some intriguing graphics. Happy that --- well, let's just say I am happy with the outcome. I don't want to be a spoiler and I could have wound up in 2nd place. Hmmm....I have forgotten.

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