Saturday, March 26, 2016

Microsoft Office 365: The smart person's guide - TechRepublic

This is a very good read on Office 365 and you should take a look. Microsoft Office products are still the best available.

In my opinion Office 365 is there for the lite user as well as the one that wants everything. You can start on the lite side and grow into the power user you need or want to be.

I have been using Microsoft Word since the middle 80's and I can't think of a day that I don't use Word to do at least one of many things; write a letter, build a business plan, outline a proposal, create an announcement, and so many other things, sometimes just as a note that I know will grow.

I use Excel to both personal and business reasons. On a personal level I track medications, refill dates, and money spent. We use it as a family to plan travel or remodeling expenses. We remodeled the kitchen and did all our planning, tracking, and quotations within an Excel spreadsheet. Excel for business is incredible and today's Office 365 Excel includes so many great tools for analysis.

I could go on about Access, PowerPoint, OneNote, Publishing, and all the other tools (don't forget Outlook).

When reading this link keep in mind there is are versions for the individual and for households (currently $69.99/yr). I purchased the Household version (currently $99.99/yr) so that my wife, and Son can have a copy (you get 5 copies to download) and I also use it on a laptop, tablet, and smartphone - smartphone and tablet (iPad) are free.

Take a read - the cost is great and the tools incredible.

Microsoft Office 365: The smart person's guide

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