Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Samsung’s OS Tizen on Watches - Next Phones?

The following is a personal opinion (as is all of my writing).

Galaxy Note 4mI have been very happy with my Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and because of that I purchased a Samsung Gear 2 Classic running Tizen – not my best choice. I suspect I should have gone with an Android OS on a watch.

The Samsung Gear 2 Classic is a really great watch, it runs well and look good. I like the way you access apps and get information, the bezel is fantastic; however, and it is a big however, I cannot get my favorite Android app’s.Gear 2 Classic Keep for one is missing and that is an important app. There are others that are missing as well.

Now I read in 9TO5GOOGLE; “Report claims that Samsung is considering moving all of its devices to Tizen”. Time to rethink all of my future plans.

I really like my Android OS and running on the Samsung phone it has been really great. This is not my first Samsung phone. There are app’s that I like which are available on the Android OS but not on the Samsung Tizen and I doubt if they ever will be.

On another note; I do not believe that 4 App Stores can run well, Microsoft is having that problem at #3 and Samsung is not even near Microsoft.

Samsung makes great hardware however their app selection is just not the same as Android or Apple (hmm yes, that is alphabetically correct – An before Ap), and yes, Microsoft.

Music is one place where they are not up to speed. Apple with their music, Google Music, and now Amazon is doing very well. Being an Amazon Prime member I use their music a great deal and I have an app on my Android device and I believe it is available on Apple devices. I have used an iPod for years – not switching to Milk (Samsung’s music app). 

Perhaps my next purchase will send me back to Motorola and I just might look at Apple – they make a great watch and I can use all the Apple and Android app’s (I have an iPod and iPad).

Microsoft watch? Hmmm…….I wonder if they will run Android app’s?

I think Tizen is an up-hill battle for Samsung.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Life In The World of Free WiFi

Stopped into my favorite McDonald’s to use my Hotspot and the power outlet. Well what to my wondering eyes should appear?

blog-promotion1A lady, with computer, had taken the 4-Top next to the outlet and that was OK. Wait a minute. On second look she had put her computer bag and a drink cup on the 2-Top next to her so no one would sit at this table. Now the power outlet it out of range.

I have to assume she has a government position and this is secure use of her computer in a public place. NSA – No Space Available.

Conspiracy theory. She is well dressed however in black. A gentleman comes in, sits down,and they talk. Now is she getting a report from a clandestine agent? Or is she hiring a hit man to do in her husband? Hmmm…..I like the hit man theory.

I think it’s time for wine. Just sayin’……

The weekend in coming and that is a good thing.

Advancing Technology of The Personal Assistant

This morning my friend, and collaborator in the future, Franz Dill (The Eponymous Pickle), sent me an article on a Kickstarter project by the company Pebble. The article: Pebble’s New Core Competency is Alexa, is a very interesting read.

I am fascinated with the oncoming world of personal assistants and it cannot get here fast enough. In the process of reading this my mind drifted back to the early 80's and personal computing when I had the same thoughts. There was a point when I began to tear out of the newspaper (and magazines) anything that related to personal computing. My thoughts at the time were; the more ad's and articles the more prevalent this technology would become. The more people read about it the more they want to see it, they more they see it the more they want it. So ad's, articles, and announcements like this, are paving the way for acceptance.

As I see it beginning with the 80's this rate of acceptance is getting faster and faster. I do not find anyone who rejects the personal assistant as readily as they did the personal computer in the 80's or the Internet in the mid 90's. I believe that we are in the fast track lane of personal assistant development and now instead of years we are talking months and, who knows, maybe weeks. Overtime it will be quick (and painless) and we all strbkcoffeewill be talking to our watches, key rings, maybe even our coffee mugs in the morning. Hmmm…..they could be listening.

Have a GREAT DAY!!

UPDATE: In just reading a Computerworld article I thought I would pass along that link. Very interesting. These three virtual assistants point the way to the future. I am interested in Amy – she could be very powerful.