Friday, September 28, 2012

More Consumption Of News Via Mobile Devices

In reading the report linked to below about New Consumption on Mobile Devices I was not surprised. On the other hand I know that there are a number of people who will not believe the importance of this report.

My thoughts are that this report is 'historical' and of interest however of more interest is the trend and the overall  increasing speed of acceptance of the mobile device as a news delivery mechanism.

I read my news on both phone (HTC Thunderbolt) and tablet (iPad). I do not miss the tactile feel of the newspaper. Last year I read over 22 books on my Kindle - and I was not the first one to buy a Kindle. To me it has become a natural way of doing things.

The world is changing rapidly.

Here is the article from GigaOm:
It’s official: News consumption is all about social and mobile — Tech News and Analysis:

And here is a link to the Pew Research Center report.

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Microsoft Wants A Major Investment in U.S. Education

This morning in Computerworld there is an article  regarding Microsoft calling for an investment in this country's education. There are some really good ideas here however it means getting our politicians to realize that education is a good thing and more than re-election talk.

Microsoft calls for $5B investment in U.S. education - Computerworld:

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Blog Moved From Typepad to Here

I have moved my blog from Typepad to Blogger and have connected my Curious Voyager domain to it. I know there are broken links at Typepad and I am trying to fix them. In the meantime if you have landed here by any means please bookmark (make a favorite) of this page as this is where I will continue to post to.


A New Google App

Interesting looking app for finding new or different places in your town or any town you are in. The article, from the NY Times is worth taking a look at. For those with iPhone, this app could be around the corner.

A New Google App Gives You Local Information -- Before You Ask for It -

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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Staying Relevant In Tomorrow’s World

Just finished reading one of the best articles on staying vital in tomorrow’s world. From The New York TImes; “To Stay Relevant In A Career, Workers Train Nonstop” by Shaila Dewan.

Learning-wkrAlthough this article talks to businesses as well as employee’s it could very well apply to anyone looking at life tomorrow.

To quote from the writing;

The need to constantly adapt is the new reality for many workers, well beyond the information technology business. Car mechanics, librarians, doctors, Hollywood special effects designers — virtually everyone whose job is touched by computing — are being forced to find new, more efficient ways to learn as retooling becomes increasingly important not just to change careers, but simply to stay competitive on their chosen path.

From my perspective, to rephrase, “The need to constantly adapt is the new reality.” Period, end of statement.

Yes for workers as discussed however for all facets of life and living. Evolution is change and change is alive and well in today’s world.

Our personal entertainment is changing; eBook's, streaming video, apps for news.  The cars we drive are evolving; built in GPS, camera’s to assist in parking, computer systems for operation. Personal communication has changed radically; smartphones, Facebook, text messaging.

Learning is a fact of Life. Learning should be approached with great expectation and exciting anticipation. Maybe if wemouse were taught leaning (and reading) was fun rather than something we had to do we would all have been better off.

Why not start now and set the example? With the click of a mouse button there is a whole new world out there. Amaze your family and friends as well as your co-workers (fellow business owners and partners) with new found knowledge.

To much sermonizing for Sunday at Starbucks. I need a refill.

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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Updated Blog Layout

I have just updated this blog layout and this is  a post to see just how things are going to look. I have widened it meet with today’s monitor layouts and then have to view it on my phone and on my tablet. In the near future I will be moving everything to this web site.

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