Thursday, August 25, 2016

Amazon’s responsiveness is very good but you must be aware.

There is a NY Times article this morning, “Subscribe and Save on Amazon? Don’t Count on It” and it is a thought provoking writing.

AmazonWe buy from Amazon often however we do not actually subscribe to any ongoing products. We do buy our coffee regularly from Amazon. What I discovered is that the people who sell through Amazon can have many varying prices for the same product. I suspect Amazon does not discriminate between it various seller’s.

When Amazon sends a notice to re-order we have found it often comes from a different supplier and the price can be (and is often) quite different – sometimes actually higher. Before purchasing I review all the other prices from various seller’s.

In many ways I think of Amazon as a Mall; the sellers meet all the quality criteria to sell via Amazon however Amazon cannot control their price.

Recently we purchased an item from Amazon that was to be supplied by a seller via Amazon. We order the product by name and at price A. When the product arrived the packing list said it was exactly as ordered however the physical product was not.

The product received was as good as what we wanted so we would keep it but in research the product received was less than price A, which we paid.

We wrote Amazon detailing the complete issue and within 45 minutes we received an email and the credit had been applied.

FANTASTIC Customer Service. And that is what we are after.

We have been customers of Amazon for 10 years and Prime members for a number of those years. We thoroughly enjoy the service. I have not had to write often but when we do we get a response.