Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Advertising Age - Ad & Marketing Industry News

Advertising Age - Ad & Marketing Industry News

Big notes today on Social Media today. All are interesting reading but more than that social media is (and has been) a hot subject and would appear to be getting even hotter.

Do you blog? Are you on Facebook? Do you Twitter? As well as all the other services.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Google Buzz - Are YOU a Buzzer Yet?

This is the week of Google Buzz and already I am too big a fan. I guess there are some things in life that I enjoy learning about and using and others that are just nice. I see Google Buzz and I attempt to prognosticate on it’s future uses.

I believe that all of Life is about communication and connection everything else is just a result of this. Learning how to communicate and all the tools available should be necessary for one to Live a good and happy Life.
Now having said that communicating with yourself is on the top of the list.

I like Google Buzz because it allows me to communicate in an areas that I like, technology and Life. It also allows me to listen to those that want to communicate in the same area on on the same topics. I came here to Learn and although Laughing and Loving are all part of Life my direction is always in Learning in all aspects of my Life. And then Leading (when I can) others to see the way.

Where will Google Buzz take us? Will it soon incorporate Wave? It does look and work well on my Droid and that I find very interesting. What more do you think we will see in the coming weeks? Let me know what you feel or think about Google Buzz.

I am in touch even in Starbucks.