Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Alexa and Cortana - Why not?

Amazon Echo
Having been one of the early adopters of Alexa I can see why the connection between Alexa
and Cortana will work. It is my feeling that they actually can enhance one another, and, like it was reported, each one does something different that can enhance the knowledge of the user.

Up front it takes a great deal of intricate technology to make either do the things they do. I consider both to have "Personal" benefits with different parts of the conversation. Now Cortana could connect to Alexa to purchase groceries and or needed tech products outside of the Microsoft Store. On the other hand Alexa could connect with Cortana for questions revolving around you work environment; email, calendar, contacts, who is running the office pool.

It would be great if they, Amazon, Microsoft, Google, & Apple, all worked together for the benefit of those of us using Personal Assistants. Most likely this  won't happen due to profit motives and Wall St. as well as fear someone will get ahead of the other.

I guess today it is not To Do or Not To Do, it is To Fear or To Create Fear.