Friday, June 10, 2016

Advancing Technology of The Personal Assistant

This morning my friend, and collaborator in the future, Franz Dill (The Eponymous Pickle), sent me an article on a Kickstarter project by the company Pebble. The article: Pebble’s New Core Competency is Alexa, is a very interesting read.

I am fascinated with the oncoming world of personal assistants and it cannot get here fast enough. In the process of reading this my mind drifted back to the early 80's and personal computing when I had the same thoughts. There was a point when I began to tear out of the newspaper (and magazines) anything that related to personal computing. My thoughts at the time were; the more ad's and articles the more prevalent this technology would become. The more people read about it the more they want to see it, they more they see it the more they want it. So ad's, articles, and announcements like this, are paving the way for acceptance.

As I see it beginning with the 80's this rate of acceptance is getting faster and faster. I do not find anyone who rejects the personal assistant as readily as they did the personal computer in the 80's or the Internet in the mid 90's. I believe that we are in the fast track lane of personal assistant development and now instead of years we are talking months and, who knows, maybe weeks. Overtime it will be quick (and painless) and we all strbkcoffeewill be talking to our watches, key rings, maybe even our coffee mugs in the morning. Hmmm…..they could be listening.

Have a GREAT DAY!!

UPDATE: In just reading a Computerworld article I thought I would pass along that link. Very interesting. These three virtual assistants point the way to the future. I am interested in Amy – she could be very powerful.

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