Friday, June 10, 2016

Life In The World of Free WiFi

Stopped into my favorite McDonald’s to use my Hotspot and the power outlet. Well what to my wondering eyes should appear?

blog-promotion1A lady, with computer, had taken the 4-Top next to the outlet and that was OK. Wait a minute. On second look she had put her computer bag and a drink cup on the 2-Top next to her so no one would sit at this table. Now the power outlet it out of range.

I have to assume she has a government position and this is secure use of her computer in a public place. NSA – No Space Available.

Conspiracy theory. She is well dressed however in black. A gentleman comes in, sits down,and they talk. Now is she getting a report from a clandestine agent? Or is she hiring a hit man to do in her husband? Hmmm…..I like the hit man theory.

I think it’s time for wine. Just sayin’……

The weekend in coming and that is a good thing.

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