Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The NEW Phone

OK we jumped on board the Samsung Galaxy S III bandwagon and are pretty happy with the upgrade. Phone has a bigger and brighter screen (better resolution also) and it is a bit bigger in the hand but we can handle that (no pun intended).

Because we have everything backed up at Google 'most' all the app's we had on our Thunderbolts were subsequently installed on the new phones. There were a couple of lapses but for the most part it worked swimmingly. Interestingly  my FlexT9 keyboard was installed and I am having trouble finding it on Google Play. Nuance, the developer, also shows it however the last time I was out there it was not available either.

Speaking of keyboards; I am using the Samsung Galaxy S III to type this blog post (at Blogger) however I have synced, via Bluetooth, my Apple keyboard to do the typing.  It appears to be doing a decent job with a few minor glitches.

I think the most time consuming part is activating all the app's that are installed. Enter passwords and email addresses and in some cases updating the app for Ice Cream Sandwich. There were a few app's that did not work but not the important ones.

There is a learning curve as there is with anything new and when going from HTC to Samsung you have a different appearance of features such as Messages and even Gmail has a different feel.  This is still too small to do a great deal of work on and I am finding more issues with the keyboard.

I think I will post this and learn more. 

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