Monday, November 26, 2012

The Phone Dilemma

OK in the process of the great debate; do we upgrade our phones or do we keep the old phones and change just the billing plan. I am one of those who does like his HTC Thunderbolt. I use it everyday and in fact I am using it as my hotspot it with my Pad to write this blog post.

What are we considering? The Samsung Galaxy S III. My friend John has one and it appears to be a very nice phone with a lot of power. One concern is that it comes with Ice Cream Sandwich OS and I am wondering if it will ever be upgraded to Jelly Bean? The HTC Thunderbolt was supposed to be upgraded to Ice Cream Sandwich however that never happened. Why should I believe that Verizon will allow the upgrade to Jelly Bean?

After all these years I have come to trust HP (even when I get mad), and I have come to know Microsoft (and trust them to do what they say), however I tend to think of the Telco's with the same trepidation as I do used car sales. Never knowing what to quite believe.

Funny when I deal with Verizon Corporate about billing or technical support it is right-on. They have always been great support and that is one big selling point with me. Their coverage map is also very important. I go places the others do not cover well.

Hmm........ Have to go check the deal again. 

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