Tuesday, November 27, 2012

More On Phones & Wireless Keyboards

This afternoon I wrote a blog post re: connecting my Apple wireless (bluetooth) keyboard to my Samsung Galaxy S III and although it worked there was a great deal to be desired.

Tonight I have connected a Microsoft Wireless Entertainment 7000 Keyboard (also bluetooth) and it works really well with AK Notepad. All the keys, Home, End, Arrows, appeaded to work really well.

The screen is big enough so that you can work with ease.

I did try to use this with Blogger and had mixed results. It started out well and then began acting strange.

This was started in AK Notepad however I opened AK Notepad using the track pad and then the mouse buttons on the keyboard. I really was not sure what would happen and everything worked. Now one does not need a mouse with the phone however if you connect it to a monitor and use the phone just for your 'hard drive' then a mouse might just be a fine thing.

I guess my next step is to get the HDMI adapter and connect this to a 23 HD monitor that I have.

App's, we need app's. I think I am about to look for something more powerful than Google Docs but not necessarily Microsoft Word. Microsoft may never make Word (or Excel) available on anything running something other than Windows OS so we need something else.

I think it is interesting that investors and others still believe that this is an Enterprise driven market when the in roads gained by the iPhone and iPad were consumer driven. It will continue to be that. The Power is now in the hands of the people and that is what is freaking everyone out. I know, some do not believe it, they are not living the dream - WE ARE!!!

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