Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Moving to Blogger and Other Thoughts

This move has not been easy for me. I did not lose the 6 to 7 years of blogging that I have over at Typepad however trying to sort out the small disaster that hit me when I attempted to export the blog has not been easy. I think this has had something to do with my lack of writing recently. I am working on getting better at that.

Since I basically work alone blogging has been a way for me to talk about my thoughts on the ever changing technology arena, and I think of it just that way sometimes, “arena”. The iPad comes out and WOW. Then right on it’s heels comes the Kindle, then the Nexus 7. During this time more versions of the iPad and more ‘Quick to market’ knock offs of tablets, many of which fell by the wayside. Building and marketing for the money just does not work.

Same with the smartphone. What a wonderful time we live in.

The accelerating rate of acceptance of all these new tools is mind boggling. Then we also face the anticipation of newer devices. I think, if one were to read all the predictions of what was next we could have a wild list of products that people have expected to appear. Perhaps some of these could be real advantages however gathering these predictions should lead thoughts of future products.

Now that I am actually using my domain it will be easier to find for everyone – I hope.

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