Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Microsoft Can Help Get This Country Back To Work!

The reality is that Microsoft has some really great products that can help the recently unemployed get back to work. The word is not getting out.

microsoft logo 001What is needed is Microsoft to connect with state and federal unemployment offices and make a concerted effort to get their online products in front of the right people.

I have worked with the recently unemployed, people who have been working for the last 15 to 30 years. They now find themselves out of work and applying for jobs.

The burden for these recently unemployed is that the last time they applied for a job they did it with a paper resume, or stood in line at a personnel office.

Today one needs computer access, an email address, knowledge of how to use Internet Explorer (browser), and more importantly how to search for a job on the Internet.

Once they find that job they then need to be able to type a digital resume, attach it to an email or upload it to a service, and perhaps even print it.

All the ‘How-To’ is being taught via the employment offices and local adult training services, church groups and others. Local libraries also provide training and computers as well as internet connection.

What these agencies can’t provide are the software tools that are needed. Microsoft can!

For the recently unemployed this is a cost burden, they need to pay bills, feed families with the funds they have from unemployment or severance.

These tools are available from Microsoft and these tools are FREE.

They can learn these tools and can increase their value in the market place while at the same time making in-roads into getting jobs.

We should also be promoting the online video’s and services for supporting getting people back to work.

Microsoft get involved and help this county get back to work.

Two notes;

1) Yes, there are a lot of other services out there that can also provide the email address for free; Google, AOL, Yahoo, and others however they cannot provide the access to Microsoft Word which is still today the office tool of choice. This is needed so that the resume writer does not get lost. The majority of HR or Personnel offices do not use Google Docs or Open Office.

2) I know that Skydrive provides PowerPoint and OneNote as well however right now what is needed is Word and Excel – they rest can follow.

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