Friday, December 21, 2012

Apple iPhone 5 Outselling Android In US

I am reading at TechCrunch this morning that Apple Reaches Highest-Ever U.S. Smartphone Sales Share at360211-apple-iphone-5-at-t 53.3%; Android Consolidates In Europe. There is an article and a chart, very impressive.

However as I read the chart and look at all those other area’s where Android leads Apple I am reminded of the 8-Track tape issue in the early 70’s where the U.S. was the leader there and the rest of the world were using cassette tape. Or even more recently the highly regarded Sony Betamax versus VHS debate, which went to VHS somewhat based on the number of producers versus just one. Cost, ease of access, and open accessories also relevant factors.

I think it is also important that these are 12 week figures, ending November 25th. There could be some seasonal weight here with people buying gifts.

Just sayin’…..

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