Wednesday, September 4, 2013

My 2¢ about Microsoft vs. Google maps

twocentsFirst it’s Bing (ba da bing) and now its map’s. Read all about it at Computerworld - “Microsoft takes aim at Google with Nokia's mapping apps.”

A simple question; Why? The only people that will go there will be Microsoft Fan Boys and Girls. I have Google maps on everything, phones, tablets, computer (via the web). If Internet Explorer doesn’t get more help who will go to Microsoft Maps? I tried Bing and it’s OK but I still use Google.

Actually Microsoft had a map program years ago however could not keep it up. I know I purchased it. They let it, like Encarta, drop out of sight. I also purchased Encarta. Bummer.

Microsoft has to stop fighting Google and Apple (and in the near future Amazon). Microsoft needs to better itself. If they can do that they won’t need to worry about the others. We have Ford, General Motors, and Chrysler doing pretty well.

I do realize the title of the article in Computerworld (the headline) was determined by the writer at Computerworld however the headline was a direct result of a quote from Microsoft.

"An effective alternative to Google," and "more than one digital map of the world" is needed, Microsoft said in a presentation on the strategic rationale for the deal, which was posted to the company's website.

Maybe Microsoft could make SkyDrive as fast as Dropbox. That could be an advantage.

Another thought would be to make sure that all Excel users have the same tools. Just discovered that only Enterprise users get some of the new sophisticated Excel tools.

I don’t think Microsoft has it right and not sure they can get it right.

I may change the name of this blog to My 2¢.

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