Thursday, August 22, 2013

Yes the Tech Scene Has Been Changing–Where Have You Been?

NY Times article in their Technology section; Shifting Tech Scene Unsettles Big Players (published August 21,2013).  Admittedly this must be a fascinating read for someone who has not paid any attention to the technology changes in the last 5 years.

In my thinking the corporations having problems today are the people who produce the current technologies however they do not get why people buy them. Perhaps they are thinking “someday people will all get over these gadgets and return to the old world”. Why do these companies build these products? They do it to produce revenue. Most are inadequate derivations of successful products produced by an innovator of yesterday.

These same companies DO NOT understand the personal/sociological change occurring (or that has occurred). They produce for the money what is being purchased but do not "SEE" the change! Perhaps the change is not internal. “We build what they buy. Why people buy this stuff we have no clue.”

How often do you see someone (perhaps yourself) using a smartphone as a cute gadget? “Cool man”, I can make calls and get email and listen to the latest tunes on my phone. Oh and look at pictures also.

What do I see? People with graphical information related to their business data, being viewed on that same smartphone. These same people going to meeting’s with connections to their server showing Excel spreadsheets on their iPad as well as tableau visual analytics. This data stays up-to-date and is real-time. These people are not playing. This is REAL and it is TODAY! Apple device or Android, it works everywhere.

Koday JrQuestion: Why is it a sudden revelation that  HP's printer business is down? WHY is anyone surprised? Paper companies are going out of business - why? What is happening to the printer market? If Wall Street expects the printer market to grow they are out of touch.

NO ONE IS PRINTING! Amazing! Where have you been? OK some print but not the number that did. And it it getting less and less each day. Put you money on Google, Dropbox, SkyDrive, SharePoint, but get away from printers.

What is happening to the PC business? It is changing and as soon as some company is smart enough to realize that tablets of all sizes are becoming dominate productive devices we could lose a number of companies we thought would stay ahead of the curve. If major software providers of today don’t get off their high horse they will be replaced in years to come.

What is happening to the newspaper business? The movie business? The music business? What about books, magazines, the US Postal Service?

In closing; Yes the tablet was innovative, even if it took a long time from the first entry into the market to get to the iPad. Now look at the speed of development. We still ask what’s next? What have you done lately? Apple? Dell? HP? Microsoft? Just to name a few. Hey the iPad, iPhone, Galaxy S4 – that was yesterday. We want tomorrow.

Innovate, innovate, innovate. Don’t procrastinate, procrastinate, procrastinate. The consumer is ready now.

Finally. Today seems to be a world of choices in which the founders have lost track.

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