Friday, August 30, 2013

End of The Tablet (or Smartphone) As A Gadget?

OK I am tired of the iPad and Nexus 7 as cute gadgets. Add the smartphone to that as well.  “Oh yes, I have one of those. We can check our email, watch a movie, read a book. I can even go to Facebook while watching TV.”

Problem is I can only do a minimum of reasonable productivity on these devices.

ipadActually I am getting bored with the whole thing. It was fun at first, just like the computer was 30+ years ago. Now these ‘gadgets’ are a time sync. I WANT MORE!!

When will the tablet grow up? Become a useful productive member of society? And not have to beNexus 7 NEW 4-3 supported by a laptop/notebook computer? If these tablets are to really take over they have to do more. They have to evolve and soon. Best I have here is a note taking device with some communication capabilities.

Up front let’s say that I do not want to create web pages, design the next complex automobile, or architectural wonder.  All I want are all the office like resources.

Currently I can make a presentation from my tablet to others however I can’t take the order or write a really nice thank you letter on it, I have to return to the computer. I can present highly sophisticated real time graphics on the iPad and even my Samsung phone but can’t write a letter that includes graphics, charts, or photo’s (with word wrap), and send it to my client. Back to the computer. In some cases I can’t even edit the document I am presenting.

Forget blogging anything meaningful with graphics from one of these devices. Guy Kawasaki says you should not put up a blog post without a picture, hmmm…. back to the computer (which I am using to write this).

With our rate of acceptance of new technologies accelerating it’s only reasonable that we want MORE!! The issue is I want it NOW!!

OK Apple, Google, Samsung, what’s next?

My wife’s car is ready, the coffee is gone, so I will move along. I think the dealership thinks I have take up office space here.

There's something due any day
I will know right away
Soon as it shows
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