Tuesday, May 21, 2013

One Flickr News Story Today That Make No Sense

at least to me.

Confusion001Right off this morning there was an article in the INQUIRER regarding Flickr’s update; “Yahoo irks users with major Flickr revamp” Oh boy I can’t wait to read this.

Apparently we have some users that want to downgrade to the Flickr FREE (with 1 TB of storage) from the Flickr Pro however they foresee a problem. From the article;

Apparently, Flickr Pro is no longer a service and is being replaced by Flickr Ad Free, but for those that are still members, it seems that if they cancel their accounts they can't later buy another one. (*the highlighting is mine)

I believe that after the second comma the sentence is written, or stated, incorrectly or ambiguously. In the next paragraph, following the statement above, is this quote – part from a Flickr warning.

"When you downgrade your subscription from Pro to 'free' you get this message: 'Cancelling your Flickr Pro subscription is irreversible. You cannot purchase Flickr Pro at a later date.’”

I don’t understand the anger or the complaint. Apparently some want to cancel their ‘Pro’ account and then repurchase if they feel the need. Now if the Flickr Pro service is going away, as stated in the first quote above, it only stands to reason that you could not re-purchase it. “Here’s your sign!”

It does not say you will lose your account at Flickr, just the Pro aspect. It also does not say you will lose your pictures.

Maybe I am missing something. Could it be that the headline written in hope of gaining traffic? When reading the headline and then the blog post I expected to see thousands leaving Flickr. Actually the balance of the article appeared to be Flickr friendly - again, at least to me.

Someone took the class in writing headlines to attract attention. Maybe I should practice this.

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