Friday, May 17, 2013

Google Glasses and My First Time

I spent a great part of Wednesday afternoon watching Google I/O and was duly impressed. I signed up for the new Google Maps trial (and received my invitation the next day). I listened with great enthusiasm to all the new updates to Android and Chrome, to Gmail and to changes in other products, a lot to digest in an afternoon. Really enjoyed listening to Larry Page speak at the end and take questions. I went back later that evening and listened again to the Q&A

One of the things that intrigued me was looking at pictures of the audience and seeing a number of those in attendance wearing the Google Glasses. I was duly impressed. Really cool.

Today I got my chance.

I had been in Dayton doing some demonstrations of Office 2013 for invitees at New Horizons Computer Learning Centers annual  Spec"TECH"ular event. Anytime I can show off the new technology I am up there in the clouds.

As I am getting ready to leave an individual passes me wearing the famous Google Glasses. I am now seeing  them in the wild for the very first time. Admittedly there was a WOW factor going on. Now being the 'Smart Alec' that I am I made the comment about he "must know Larry Page or Sergey Brin personally". He laughed and said that he had attended Google I/O last year and was able to purchase them though that. He said he was going to lunch however if I wanted to see them he would be back in an hour. That settled it - I was not leaving.

True to his word he, Tom Webster, was back in under an hour and upon seeing me stopped to talk about the glasses. Tom was very open and explained a lot about them, then let me try them out. WOW!! Now he had been wearing them for awhile however his excitement matched mine and I was seeing the real thing for the first time. I am impressed.

Quick, clear, clean, and easy to read. I am stoked. I WANT THEM!!!! I think I inadvertently took a video of a closed door and of Tom. He showed me the menu and choices and talked about how to activate different items. We talked about the fact that he can wear them while driving and not hinder his vision at all - after wearing them I could understand that. They are quite unobtrusive and so easy to see while not looking up into the screen. It's just there. He went over much more however I have to think about all of it.

I cannot tell you the feeling to be the first on my block to touch the future. Seeing on the screen is one thing, actually trying them on is a whole new thing.

Thank you Tom. I will talk about you for some time. 

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