Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Some News and Thoughts for Today, May 21st, 2013

I find that everyday, as I scan through Flipboard, my Google homepage (soon to go away) and Feedly, that there are some very interesting items that one should check out. Things like Google Checkout going away. For those of us now connected to Google Wallet just a change in form.

Let's see, news that hits me today (leaving out those things that do no hit me).

  • "With XBox One and Play Station 4, Microsoft and Sony rekindle the war for your TV" from the Verge. Now I am not a user of either item however keeping up with the Joneses is important. 
  • We will be able to see pricing and availability on Pinterest soon with upgrade for iPad and iPhone. Nothing mentioned about Android or Windows so I will have to check that out. One thing of interest was that ingredients were mentioned also. Hmm.. after posting (or re-pinning) those recipes that would be of value. 
  • Yahoo swears it isn't going to screw up Tumblr by Mathew Ingram at Gigaom. I have a Tumblr account however have only used it once - maybe twice. Might want to check this out. I am getting more fascinated with Yahoo. I have an email account that is older than my Google account and with my Google Homepage going away I just may have Chrome setup Yahoo as my homepage. 
  • Back to the XBox One; Microsoft announces a Live Action 'HALO' TV Series with Steven Spielberg as Executive Producer - Nathan Ingraham at the Verge. This could be interesting as I tend to like Steven Spielberg movies. On the other hand if there is too much violence it won't be allowed if my wife is at home.
  • From www.macrumors.com "Apple Still Tops In Customer Satisfaction, but Losing Ground To Samsung..." What a great smartphone world for only being few years old. 
  • I have been seeing all the items on the rumored iWatch, the Sony Watch, the Google Watch, maybe a Samsung Watch, and Pebble. Will these be giving trouble to the Smartphone industry? Or will they link to your Smartphone providing you buy the right one. With Google Glasses who needs a watch? If the "watch" makes it to the market maybe Google Glasses will make it obsolete (or irrelevant) before it gets much ground. Just sayin......
  • "BI INTELLIGENCE FORECAST: Google Glass Will Be An $11 Billion Market By 2018". Now I have some interest in this (see the watch conversation above). I really believe that Google Glass will have quite a run. As Google adds apps to this no one can anticipate how far Google Glass will go. "It's a whole new world" (from Aladdin). I mean with words like; "A new fantastic point of view". Google should use this as a theme song for one of their adds. 
    • I would love to read this report however I would feel guilty signing up and then canceling as I cannot justify, in my position, the annual subscription. 
I have to admit that writing this on my iPad is not as easy as it should be. Trying to go between Flipboard, Blogger, and the web for links is much easier on a computer. So far as I can see the tablet is not yet being taken seriously. I am sure that one day it will be but by then we may be all getting what we need via Google Glass and talking our way through writing. 

Idea: Wouldn't it be great if the tool you were using to write would recognize major names and places from the Internet, devices or tools, even places movies, and then automatically show them as a hyperlink, with you having the ability to turn the tool on or off when needed. Something like Auto-Correct in a Word document.  I am sure there are other things that this could be applied to. We have the compendium of data at our fingertips. 

OK time for dinner. 

I have to say that I really do like my Flipboard on my iPad, my Samsung Galaxy S3, and my Nexus 7, too bad it is not on my Windows laptop. I guess you just can't have everything. I wonder if there is an app for Windows 8? That would work.

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