Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Bill Gates on the iPad and Walter on the Blogger app.

We have been seeing all over the blogs how Bill was trashing the iPad; "no keyboard", "frustrated users", etc. What else is he going to say? Truth is he did not always say 'exactly' what the headlines
read but what are they going to do to grab headlines? It must have been a slow day at Black Rock.

As far as frustrated users I would be willing to bet that Microsoft wishes it had as many frustrated users - even half. Having a keyboard attached all the time is a waste. Actually the only thing that is missing from the iPad would be the Microsoft Office Package.

I use a Bluetooth 'Apple' keyboard and it is great, so there you are Bill. I rather the Bluetooth so that I can position it wherever I want to use it. The tablet stand I use allows me to position the iPad at a most convenient angle for me and then put the keyboard in my lap if necessary - best of all worlds. 

Actually I am doing two things here. I am also testing the new UPDATED Blogger app for the iPad. The update said it had new tools for adding graphics and I wanted to have my say on the Bill Gates thing and test the graphic handling capabilities of the Blogger app.

Answer to question regarding the graphic handling  - "not very good". About the same as Bill Gates on the iPad. Back to using Blogger online.

Returned to Blogger using the Chrome browser to insert graphic and it appears to work better than before. This is interesting because if I can add graphics here then this just might be the way to do my blogging.  Next problem to solve is getting all my graphics up to Picasa so that they are available. 

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