Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Is This Really Worth Reporting or Reading?

From Computerworld: “Caesars Palace deal Google Glass out of its game”. You got to be kidding that this is real news. There is not a casino in the world that would let you in with this type of device – knowingly. The headline ended the article for me – did not need to read any further.

Before Google Glass is released, it’s already banned”. Of course, in a bar than can’t get enough attention. Is this really earthshaking? I don’t think so. And worse, it keeps getting repeated. I have to think that the bar has someone in tech that supports the bar.

Unless of course you are opposed to Google Glass. Hmm….

From the New York Times this morning; “Google Glass Picks Up Early Signal: Keep Out”. I can understand the NY Times being opposed to anything Google does. This report also includes legislation being considered.

If we can’t adjust we ban it. That’s the way it works here. Unless of course it’s the Government. I have heard they want these glasses worn all the time. The would like it to be mandatory.

Now there is something to think about; “Whose behind those Google Glasses?”

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