Saturday, October 5, 2013

Yahoo Personal Pages vs iGoogle

With iGoogle going away I had to find something else to give me my news upon opening my browser, Yahoo Personal Pages fits right in.

yahoo001I have to admit to having used Yahoo Pages years ago, before the Google onslaught. I have kept my Yahoo email address current so given the opportunity I thought I would try it.

I was surprised to find that my ‘old’ pages were recognized however some things were missing, Brief Case for one and My Reference page as well disappeared. On first glance this was really good. I tested a few more things, set up some pages and RSS feeds of my own, and have been using it for at least two weeks. I should say I am also using Feedly but have not upgraded to the “Pay” version.

I am very happy with Yahoo Personal Pages. It gets me the news as I want to see it – the headlines and a few lines following. Much like iGoogle however it is a bit easier to read, better landscape positioning.

I will have to add the links to my References page. I like to be able to just have quick access to philosophy research sites as well as word sites like various dictionaries, thesauruses, and then of course Wikipedia as well as other ‘like’ sites.  Sometimes a page like this is easier to use than booYahooMailkmarks.

I have now weaned myself from iGoogle and beginning to wonder about Yahoo email. Hmmm…..It really does have a nice interface. I have the Yahoo email app on my phone which also look very nice.

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