Monday, July 1, 2013

Update on Windows 8.1 Preview Install

I am still all in favor of the Windows 8.1 Preview that I wrote about this morning. There has been one additional issue and that is the printer drivers for my HP Photosmart C4780 All-In-One printer. I had to  uninstall the driver’s and re-install the whole package.

Interestingly the HP uninstaller crashed when it was almost complete on both desktop as well as laptop. At that point I restarted the computer and used the downloaded file, from HP, to re-install all the drivers. The re-install was faster than any install I had done previously and I was back up and running very fast.

Let me point out that the printer aspect of my HP Photosmart printer was functioning as it should have been after the Windows 8.1 Preview install. What was missing was the ability to scan.

I had identical experiences with both desktop and laptop and after re-install all worked well. I really have not noticed any down experiences with the Windows 8.1 Preview. For the most part I have found it fun to discover the changes.

I was reminded tonight that, over the past weekend, I had said I was finished with Beta testing. In the past I had jumped at every chance to be the first on the block to try anything but now I am tired of all the ‘Clean’ installs and all the issues so I am out of the Beta testing.

Welllll…… that didn’t take long. How about that Windows 8.1 Preview – works great!

I am hoping that the final release will be as easy. I know ‘Clean’ installs are good for the system, gets rid of the junk, but they are hard on the time these days. Way too much software installed. 

Happy Tuesday – well it will be in a few hours….

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