Sunday, November 24, 2013

Microsoft Remote Desktop

This is the way it should be. Microsoft has made an app that is usable across Windows, iOS, and Android.

MSRD I discovered, in a search for Remote Desktop apps at Google Play, an app my Microsoft. I thought “this is interesting” and I had to try it out. Whoa – it worked real well – can’t say the same for the server I connected to.

Next quest; was this app available on iOS for my iPad? Yes it is. I downloaded the app from iTunes (Free) and installed it on my iPad. It worked really well. Actually it worked better on the iPad than the Nexus 7 due to screen size. The SharePoint site that I accessed is not scalable (bummer) so the smaller screen was not to my advantage, same with the Samsung Galaxy S3 phone. I believe that is the web site though and not the app.

I had no issue setting up the connection without written instructions so this app is a no brainer for anyone needing remote access across all operating systems.

While on my iPad (3rd generation) I actually opened Microsoft Word 2010 and had full access. I proceeded to write a long page and discovered everything worked really well, One funny aspect was spell check. If I misspelled a word I would get the Red Underline however there is no Right Click on my stylus (imagine that) so I ran Spell Check from the Review tab and that worked as it should. I am much impressed. I could see the ability to access Office software on a server and be able to create as well as edit all types of documents with any device.

If there was an issue it would be that one cannot work off-line on Word (or Excel) on the iPad or Nexus 7 (orMSRD Comp phone or other tablet). I for one hope that is coming to iOS and to Android.

We are all different and the one computer/tablet/phone mentality is not going to work. We all drive different cars, wear different clothes, and enjoy different entertainment. I think Microsoft has made a small move here and in the right way. Our choice of hardware should not limit our choices of software. This can also be said to Apple and Amazon. Now that we understand the technology no more Kindles, too limited.

This morning I added the same app for Remote Desktop to Windows 8.1 and now the tools I use are consistent  (or could be) across all my devices. I believe that this is the way it should be for all to benefit from the technology. I wonder if this app is available on the Kindle?

Now if I could just get our company to upgrade it’s SharePoint web site so I could use Pinch & Zoom.

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