Saturday, November 9, 2013

Notepad Pro - Notepad Pro

This is a quick and easy note taking app that does very well. Available on Android devices. I currently use it on my Samsung Galaxy 3 phone and my Nexus 7 (original one). Installed from Google Play.

You cannot change the font size. Actually there is not much you can do as in formatting, making something bold or italic, you cannot add bullets, nor can you include a picture. You can dictate your note also, if that is your style.

Notepad Pro is just a note taking app, plain and simple. It replaces that scrap piece of paper you carried in our pockets.

Notepad Pro does not synchronize with other devices or connect to the web.

Notepad Pro is quick, easy, and painless. There is nothing to learn.

Only caveat is that once the note is created you must go back and read them, a problem that I suffer from. Notepad Pro does not have an alarm system that you can use to alert you to an upcoming event.

Evernote does have an alarm system however there is a small learning curve to Evernote. Evernote does synch with other devices and on the web however you are back into password controls, setting up folders, Notepad Pro does not have any of this. Notepad Pro is a pure, simple, clean note.

You can email your notes to yourself or someone else. You can also set a priority for your note, as in Normal, Important, High, or HOT! You can change the color of the note. When you change the color of the note the note in your list with that color.  Your priority also appears on the left side of the listing.

Notepad Pro has Preferences with allow you to change the font size for your note, the sort order (Title, Color, Date Modified) in the listing, as well as sort ascending or descending.

You can search your notes for that lost one. Much better than keeping your notes on a scrap piece of paper.

Google Nexus 7 by Asus
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