Monday, December 2, 2013

Air Control for Amazon Drones Needed.

After listening to the 60 Minute interview with Jeff Bezos I am blown away with all the coverage today. “Amazon testing deliveries by drone – Fox News, Amazon unveils futuristic plan: Delivery by drone – CBS News, Amazon says testing delivery by drone – It’s everywhere.

Jeff Bezos knows a ‘Mark’ when he sees one and I think he found one in 60 Minutes. “Amazon’s Jeff Bezos Looks To The Future” in which Jeff Bezos reveals that Amazon is working on using drones to deliver packages. Granted it’s out in the future. Valentine Michael Smith would be proud of Jeff.

dronepkgSuddenly today I had a thought: when Amazon starts its delivery service using the drones, we are going to have a great number of openings for Air Traffic Controllers. In fact we may need to have air traffic control units in every town.

In the report on 60 Minutes they discussed the fact that “Tomorrow, on what is known as Cyber Monday, it’s expected that more than 300 items a second will be ordered on Amazon”.

Now for the future of delivery. How many drones is Jeff Bezos planning on buying? I think I just might go into thedronepkg drone building business.

Let’s see; they all fly on wireless, use batteries, and fly under the radar. Oh this has got a lot of potential. Kids you have a future in flying.

Somehow I think we are all missing something. Yes it could be done but I am not sure we have enough air space. I suspect a big business will be in Drone Repair and where we used to scavenge for golf balls we can now scavenge for downed drones.

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