Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Apple’s WWDC and Thoughts Of The Future

After watching Apple’s WWDC it becomes very clear that Apple is (or wants to be) connected to the consumer. They really focus on and sell to the end user. They do welcome the Enterprise however the individual is the main target of their products. The individual is more important. This is their message.

It’s in my Bio but I have been using desktop, and laptop, computers for 30 plus years and have been tied to Windows since version 3.3. They were Business Machines but today’s market has changed!

The market is not changing, it has changed.

These devices are now Personal. Yes we do work on them however we also use them in the home, on the road, and for social connection. We use them for the news, check on the family, and our own personal information retrieval. We get recipes, weather, email, music, video, pictures, Facebook, Google+, and more. We want the same device at work.

And we want consistency. Where is the productivity if I have to manage two devices? Hence BYOD!

So who do we have to look to for people that are building for us? The consumer? The USER!! We want tools and gadgets and applications (apps) and or widgets, that reflect our own needs, wants, personalities.

“Yea, I work for a company that is still in the dark ages.”

I think that Brian X. Chen and Nick Bilton from the NY Times, in quoting Charles Golvin, analyst at Forrester Research, said; “What customers are getting here is tremendous innovation under the cover.”  This pretty much sums it up. The article; “From Apple, an Overhaul for Mobile and the Mac” is worth reading. The video is from WWDC and a good view.

I managed to watch the WWDC on my iPad yesterday and I have to admit it was quite a show. I am looking forward to seeing the new iWorks and Pages in action. It could be that Microsoft has some desktop competition coming – and they deserve it.

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