Sunday, June 9, 2013

A Day In The Life of The iPad and Google+

I had originally intended the following to be a "Share" on Google+ but then it got a bit lengthy so I decided to post it as a blog post for the millions following me ;). I know you get that. Onward......(then I can still Share this on Google+ - it's the "Church Of All Worlds")
I just posted to Google+ however it has been a trial. I am using an iPad and reading in Flipboard - which I think is a great app. I wanted to Google+ an article and tried to using Flipboard.  After going through the sign in phase and using Google's dual certification, an issue with the iPad, (you have to do it everytime), Flipboard then wanted almost enough permissions to take over my Google+ account - ever after I am gone.  I said no and then was kicked out.

OK so now, still using Flipboard, I go to "View on the web". From the browser (?) on the Salon page for the article I attempt to Plus1 which generally allows me to post comments and then Share. On the first attempt, after signing in to Google+ and having the sign in verified (the reoccurring issue on the iPad) the browser window would just hang with the 'loading' circle showing in the middle of the screen. I tried this maybe 3 times and got nothing. After a whle it would only let me Plus1 or remove the Plus1. 

For someone who does not believe in getting frustrated, this was testing my will power. 

Finally I copied the URL (I learned something new here) and opened Google Chrome browser. I pasted the link, went to the article, and I still could not post to Google+ with comments.

At last I opened the Google+ app on the iPad, pasted the link, and wrote what I had to say. Perseverance pays off.  In the words of Jim Rohn, "Don't get frustrated, get fascinated". It works. 

I guess my biggest complaint is that each device is different. 

I want these devices work for me not me work for them. I defend Windows 8 however I get frustrated with the apps. I use the Android OS but each device you use, running the Android OS, is different. I have had a Droid (the first one), the HTC Thunderbolt, and now the Samsung Galaxy S3. I also own a Nexus 7. No two devices running Android are alike, each has to make it's own territorial imprint. And now the iPad. I am learning to like the iPad better however I suspect there is a Galaxy tablet (again) in my future. Main reason? I like the over all, very open, Google eco system.

It's Sunday guys why don't we all try to get our act together? It's a thought!   

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