Friday, March 1, 2013

Google Trial and The Reporting Conundrum.

This morning in reading about a trial in Germany regarding the Google Search Engine, I found two different headlines as a result of the outcome.

First: Google Defeats Publishers Over Web Copyright in German Vote. This headline was from Bloomberg BusinessWeek – a primarily print production. From the headline it appeared to be a slam-dunk for Google.

Second: German parliament passes ‘Google tax’ law, forcing royalty payments for news snippets. This headline from GigaOM, a primarily digital magazine/report. No so much of a slam-dunk, perhaps a loss.

Both of those headlines are the result of the same trial.

Who won? Did the print people (newspapers, magazines) get raked over? Did the digital world of search just get a small setback?

I guess it all depends on your perspective. Same trial, same vote, same words in the court. Who is doing the reporting? Were the reports biased? Hmm….

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