Monday, March 11, 2013

Running On The iPad

This morning I had a great time with a friend working out some issues of moving (and editing) documents between the Pages app on the iPad and Microsoft Word on a notebook (laptop) computer (or desktop for that matter). We had a few trial runs and then it all came together very nicely with the use of Dropbox.

It also worked for me using SkyDrive however it was not as clean or easy. This puts the iPad back up on top for me as I had been straying over to the Nexus 7. Pages is a very clean word processing app on the iOS platform and is easily accessed on the iPhone and the iPod as well. For me this is unfortunate for Word.

Now I have gone to Blogger online to access the composing tool to see how I could use this rather than the Blogger app which is limited. I really like the Microsoft Windows Live Writer however, or I should say as normal, there is not an app for iOS.

I have always been a Microsoft fan however they just cannot seem to get out of their own way when it comes to change and to projecting in the future.

I would like more controls however I am sure we can learn to work with it. Blogger does give you HTML control and I know a little about that so perhaps this is the way. Time to publish and see what happens. 

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