Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Working between iOS and Blogger - An Experiment

Just a little experiment working between Pages on my iPod, my iPad, and my blog. I will have to see if I can connect my wireless keyboard to this iPod.  OK the keyboard connects. I guess I should be looking for one of those folding keyboards to make this work. Obviously this is not the best tool to be using to insert graphics however if all you want to do is connect then perhaps this will work.

OK here it is on my iPad and one thing that confusing is that in using the Bluetooth keyboard on the iPod you have to be sure to turn off the Bluetooth on the iPod before attempting to connect it to the iPad - or it will not work.

Now to see how well it goes to Blogger.

Well the text transferred however I lost the picture that I had placed in the writing. I did copy and paste the picture independently but it came in FULL size and I did not discover how to shrink it down.  On the other hand I was able to add the picture you see above from my Picasa album and I could control it's word wrap and placement to some degree. As I said yesterday; you can get into the HTML and work with that so this is a possibility. 

Spell check in Blogger is manual and that is not a great thing. I tend to forget to push the button.

I guess the final answer (for now) is that; Yes, I can use Pages to type the text and yes I can copy and paste it into Blogger using the web connection (not the app) however Windows Live Writer is still my tool of choice - and it is FREE -  just not available on the iPad.

I will not buy a Surface just to get the tools. I will continue to use the iPad, the iPod, and the Nexus 7 when they fit my needs. I may become a Pages junkie however.

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