Tuesday, March 5, 2013

What is the data you collect good for?

I have just finished reading one GREAT short article my Om Malik at GigaOM and I highly recommend you take the time to read this.

The article; "Data? What is it good for? Absolutely………something”, is spot on. I do not believe that this could be said any better. If fact go read it, I will just ramble on below as Customer Service is one of my favorite conversations.

I spend way too much time ranting about WHY you collect data, and we keep collecting it, but does anybody use it for the right purpose/objective? Is it just an Excel (Access) exercise for reporting?

I know we have inventory and we have personnel, however we also collect purchasing data. Doesn’t it stand to reason that we should be using our customer/client data for something other than historical looks at what we did last month?

What did your customer(s) do last month? Should they be thanked? Should they be rewarded? Is the only time you connect with a customer when they stop buying? That makes the job even harder. I see, you have a Facebook page and that takes care of it.  Not likely.

If you buy things, personally or for your business, you know how you like to be treated. Your customer/client has the same issues. Now if you don’t really care then I am hoping you sell to people who don’t really care. What will your next business be?

Hey, just sayin’……..

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