Thursday, March 21, 2013

Windows 8 and The Unable To Change World of IT

The benefits of Windows 8 out weights all the rhetoric against upgrading to the NEW thing. What surpriseswindows 8 me most is that the biggest amount of whining is coming from IT and IT Journalists. The one group that years ago thought it was cool to be on the leading edge. Today that same group wants things to stay the same.

Topics like; “How to make your Windows 8 look like Windows 7”, or “How to get rid of Metro”. Better yet; “these tiles are not right”. What I find is that rather than learning the best way to utilize the ‘new’ thing they fight it. The resistance to change in IT is awesome.

After reading “Reaching Those on the Wrong Side of the Digital Divide” in the NY Times this morning I am convinced the people they are trying to reach will take to Windows 8 and LOVE IT! Read the article (I hope you do not need to register – that will be the NY Times loss).

Something to think about. Those who are new to the ‘computer’ thing do like Windows 8. They understand it quicker and can handle the Tiles and Desktop very easy. It is intuitive to those who have not used one before. The same can be said for Office 2010 and now Office 2013. Those who have not used a computer before catch onto both Windows 8 and the Microsoft Office package very easy.

Perhaps you will be hiring new people in the years ahead. I have a question for you. When hiring IT people; are you looking for someone who is really good with old technology? Or are you looking for someone who is connected to the future of both technology and people? Someone who can handle change with excitement and great anticipation? Someone who can help you build your business? Or make it grow?

When I come across; “I heard that Windows 8 is a problem.” I laugh and say “Well I love it and have it on my desktop and notebook. I have been doing this for over 30 years. It’s the best one yet.”

Food for thought: “When you’re finished changing, you’re finished.” Benjamin Franklin

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