Monday, March 11, 2013

Microsoft's Subscription for Office 2013 as a Perk?

There are so many advantages to having Office 2013 today that any way an office can get upgraded would be the best. We are a connected group and this office package not only adds technology advancements it is aimed at being connected.

The new office 2013Employees that are using the latest software both at home and at work would become more efficient and this would be both a benefit to the company/organization as well as to the individual. 

In light of this and the potential of the BYOD of today; could Microsoft have a way that an employer could offer their employees a monthly $9.99 Perk to not only upgrade their software on their BYOD device but to have the same software at home on another computer (or computers) of their choice?

I realize the SkyDrive feature would be beneficial for both the individual and the employer. The employer’s account, or SharePoint connection would be different and could be controlled.

I see this as an opportunity to keep everyone current and up to date and the cost to be a variable expense of doing business. There would not need to be a one-time expense for software every three years, it would be expensed over time as needed.

Should the employee leave the company it will then be up to the employee to continue the subscription. The connection to the employer’s SharePoint or SkyDrive account could be terminated.

As I stated this could work both as a Perk for the employee and a benefit for the employer. Employees would become more efficient at the use of the software and continued updates would be there without a hassle. 

Are there support packages for Office 2013? Hmm… I see a potential there.


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