Thursday, March 7, 2013

RIP Windows Start Button

You have served us well but it is time for you to retire. You can rest up there with Clippy and return occasionally when we have reunions'. Have a safe trip. Who knows, maybe like Clippy you will bring your historical wisdom to us in a game. We will look forward to telling the great-grandchildren  that we knew you personally.

Now for the rest of you IT pundits – get over it. You learned to use the Start button in 1995 (if you go back that far) and it is time to move on. They moved the high-beam button off the floor and we accepted that. No more 3 (or 5) on the floor.

“Know what I mean Vern?”

The “NEW” Start Window is so much better. Easier to navigate and can be made to fit your needs. It is customizable. It’s right up there with the push button radio and Power Steering..

Get over the change, it happens every day. This one happens to be for the good. I suspect it will be with us for some time.

To often IT gets in the “what’s good for me” mode. You need to think about those, the many, who do not use a computer hourly. The Ribbon succeeded at  making it easier for those new to Office. The new Start Window (and Tiles) will bring enlightenment to many people.

Now back to another episode of The Green Hornet (on the radio). Radio? 

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