Sunday, March 24, 2013

Dell Buyout and The Money People

This morning in reading the NY Times there was an article re: Blackstone and Icahn Are Said to Make Preliminary Bids for Dell. One of my responses on Google+ was to basically say 'let them have it'. If this is the only salvation for Dell Computer then it's already too late. I said that Michael Dell should go and look up Steve Case. He had the same misfortune of having to deal with people who do not understand the changing world. Their only interest is $$$$.

Well this afternoon at c|net I found the following story; Second act for the unorthodox Steve Case. I think that there is something in the story about the AOL / Time Warner merger and cultures that will verify my thinking. 

As for the investor's Michael; there is no passion there for the business - ONLY money. Now is the time to take your winnings and leave the table, not after they have destroyed, bankrupted, or dismembered, the company. 

Time to leave Dell Computer Michael, YOU can do more and better.  

Just sayin'.....

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