Sunday, March 24, 2013

Books, Publish, and The Future

I have to thank Bob for pointing me to the TechCrunch  article "The Business Of Literature Is Blowing Shit Up" by Jon Evans. Very interesting read and it has many other links regarding the past, the future, and current state of book publishing. I suspect if you go from here to read it all you will get a great dose of information about the current state of affairs in the publishing industry. These are changing time's. The information is good.

Recently Guy Kawasaki has published a book regarding self-publishing that is a very good read. The book, "APE - How to Publish a Book" can be purchased for the Kindle (at Amazon) which is the way that I have read it

In the past year I have purchased, and read, over 20 books - all with the Kindle format. I say Kindle format since I also read these on my computers, smartphone, the iPad, and my Nexus 7. I, for one, cannot see purchasing printed material unless it is the only way I can get it (and NEED it).

I do all my news reading on one of my devices and that depends on whether I am at MacDonald's, Starbucks, or my doctor's office (the phone works best there). There are so many app's and the news services themselves are beginning to realize that if they want to connect this is the way.

The graphic in the article at TechCrunch shows the changing times.

In the last paragraph of the TechCrunch article there is a line that states;

"Doesn’t really matter. Books will remain, and because they’re books, because they’re that razor-barbed size and shape, they’ll remain a genuinely powerful and subversive medium."

I will agree however I would qualify it with stating they will be digital, or  electronic, in form. Tree's will return to power.

Hey it's Sunday, my time for review and thoughts of the times ahead. 

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