Sunday, February 3, 2013

Office 2013: Your Data and The Big Game Analogy

This week I ‘Subscribed’ to Microsoft’s new Office 2013. I am impressed. I had played with the Beta version of Office 2013 for a bit however it started giving me problems so I decided to wait for the finished product. It was worth the wait.

One of the first things you notice is that when going to open or save a file Office 2013 wants you to go to Skydrive, Microsoft’s online storage service. I found this fascinating. I use Skydrive and have for quite some time. I have a great deal of files on Skydrive. I might add that it will also take you to SharePoint if that is what your company is using.

In my case I also use Dropbox and Google Drive both of which can be accessed easily from Office 2013. The online world is coming alive for everyone and therein lies a conundrum.

A long time ago I realized that when enough major players put their money behind something it generally works out. Apple, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Oracle, and many many others are taking a big stake in the online or mobile world of data.

On the way to coffee this morning I began thinking how your data is like Big Game. It is Big Game to both you and to the builders of the preserves, or those online storage services.

In my Big Game analogy my concern revolves around the ability of the builders of these large preserves to keep the poachers out. At the moment I do not mind putting up mundane or pedestrian files however how am I assured that my critical files are safe?

My personal critical files are no different or less important than those of a Fortune 100 company or the government. If I am treated differently not only will I not place my files in the care of that preserve, I will not recommend that any one else do either. At issue is how long does it take for us to feel secure?

Small business can really take advantage of these online services/preserves. It helps keep the cost down. Like the new Office subscription services you can keep your costs inline and on a timely basis, without a great deal of up front investment. Now the advantage lies in the talent you have – you being yourself or your small business.

I think that Microsoft, and others, are investing in their future and it could be a gamble but I think it will pay off. I think it will pay off for you also.

Now if I could just get them to put their office apps out there for the other devices like the iPad or Android products.

It’s Sunday and I need more coffee……

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