Thursday, April 25, 2013

Using Online Blogger App vs. Windows Live Writer

Yesterday when I wrote the post about using the Blogger app I stated that I was on my Nexus 7, well today I am writing from my notebook computer. I guess I really like my Windows Live Writer software the best. It actually stores links and allows greater control over the input of images. If I had to choose a second best application for connecting with Blogger it would have to be the online tool at Blogger.

I really like tools that work for me. Remembering previously logged links is a big thing. Within in Blogger for my writing to be properly annotated I have to research the links for each writing.

Like everything else in this world I guess there are tools for getting the job done quickly and succinctly and there are tools for attempting to finesse the work. I like the tools that allow me to be as quick and literal as I want to be while at the same time I can put out as much effort as I want to, or have time to, at the moment of writing.

I am sure one of these day someone will have a competitive product for Windows Live Writer however at the moment I do not see any. Now if I could just get Microsoft to build Windows Live Writer into a cross platform app. I guess I will have to wait unit whatever freezes over. 

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