Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Today, A GREAT DAY in History For The Web

20 years ago today, April 30, 1993, is the day the World Wide Web became Public Domain. It could  be said that today is the birthday of the public web. The Internet had been around prior to that and has quite a history but not like the history to follow this historic date in April, 1993.

Thank you CERN,  Sir Tim Berners-Lee, and all those who had something to do with this.

If you have an interest here is alink to the Verge and the First ever website brought back to life at its original URL. Just going back to that URL is a trip. Life was simple then and so were the pages.

I find it amazing that 20 years ago today most people did not know of, or could have cared less about, the World Wide Web. Today they can't live without it. 20 years! Kids in high school today have always known the web and most use it like we did the bus. It's part of their life, they have always known it.

Over that 20 years just look at the way technology has moved us. Connection is almost ubiquitous. For most of us (I know not everyone lives in the city) a connection to the World Wide Web is a couple of blocks away. Some have something in our pocket, phone, mobile hotspot, which connects us immediately. I am blessed that way.

I go off into the woods, or a park, pull out my phone and connect. I take a picture on my phone, or camera, and immediately post it to Facebook. I can check in from anywhere and find out what friends are doing. I can go to a conference, take a class, watch a movie, or laugh at something on YouTube.

At the moment I am writing this I am in a Starbucks, drinking coffee, and using a wireless device to write this and will publish when I am through.

Now if people could only grow and learn to accept others at the same pace that our technology has grown. WOW, what a world this would be. 

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