Monday, April 29, 2013

Monday Update

OK it's 8:10 EST (or EDT - I get confused). I have been up since 5:30, showered, meditated, had breakfast and on my second cup of coffee. I have answered email, sent email, reviewed news via newsletters (GigaOM, NY Times, Feedly, and a few other resources) and I am now into the latest issue of Inc Magazine on my iPad.

I have to chase down the latest version of AirDroid2 from Google Play for my phone so I can connect to my phone from my desktop over the air. Although the article in GigaOM mentioned AirDroid2 I can only find AirDroid - which I already have. More research needed as I understand it is a significant upgrade.

I  have also learned about Feast, (article in GigaOM) an online cooking school which one can subscribe to.  I have always wanted to take lessons in cooking. Perhaps this is the excuse needed to add a TV/Monitor in the kitchen.

I  have also discovered that I can grab snippets from Inc Magazine and send them to Facebook, Twitter and other connections including email. I remember when I used to snip articles from newspapers and magazines and the mail (with stamp) these to business clients or associates. Now I can do that from right within the Inc Magazine. I  have tried this to email and it works great.

Try as I may I cannot seem to add a picture from my iPad to this blog post and I think I know why? I am using the Blogger tool online at Blogger to write this and it doesn't relate. It would if the picture was in Picasa or on my phone. Have to work on that.

Well it is now 9:15 and I need to wrap this up and go do some research. Have to get my glass shop and tools out and start cutting glass again. I am feeling very creative. 

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