Wednesday, April 24, 2013

RefreshMe App for Android And Another App Suggestion

refreshmeJust installed the RefreshMe app for my Samsung Galaxy S3 ( and then apps) and I really do think this is good app to have for tracking calls. It is for Android so I suspect if you had some other Android phone this would work. Check it out,.

RefreshMe will give you a list of your past calls and any notes you may have made regarding the call. Per the app description; when the caller calls back the note will tell you why. I will write more about that when someone returns my call (see app suggestion below). I do know that while in the call you can make notes and that when you hang up there is a short time to add a note of your choice to the call.

There is an ad-free version (upgrade) for .99. I upgraded, not because I did not want the ad’s but because I wanted the Premium version – whatever else that means.

App suggestion: Wouldn’t it be great to have an app that would log email sent; time, date, and to whom. When someone replied it would log the date and time as well as the email address of the reply. If that app were designed for Gmail as an example, it could monitor all your email from you computer, your phone, and your tablet, then give you a report daily.

The upshot would be to note the time difference between sending the original email and a reply(s), It would have to keep the thread as well as the email address of the person replying at any given time. This would fall under the guise of record keeping at a glance. Perhaps use a spreadsheet format.

It is easy to pull the email and follow the thread however I would like to see at a glance who responds quickly and who does not. It is a frustration to send an email looking for a response within a specific period of time and not get an answer for 3 days – if ever. You know the individual in question has been on Facebook or some other Social Medium between getting your email and responding.

Quickly you can determine where you stand with certain individuals and how important you email is to that individual. It just might allow me to decide just how fast I want to respond to specific people. I know intuitively however I want my intuition to be verified.

Perhaps this could also be used by marketing to see who is responding to your email. I know there are tools out there for this purpose but we need one for the individual.

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