Friday, April 5, 2013

Strongly Agree! Strongly Disagree! Microsoft Going Away?

Richi Jennings writing in IT Blogwatch at Computerworld links to several stories which used the Gartner research that I commented on yesterday. The article by Richi Jennings; “Gartner: Microsoft is dead, Windows has expired, Office has ceased to be” is compilation of some of those links. I don’t really think that Gartner said it quite that way however I suspect one could call that ‘Journalistic License’.

Confusion001Although I have always disagreed with the anti-Windows 8 comments I have to admit that unless Microsoft realizes the PC industry is changing, and their tablet is not gaining ground, Office could lose. I don’t believe that it will go away as “some” are promoting. There is nothing out there yet to replace Microsoft Office, specifically Office 2013. Those “some” have other axes to grind so not really worth listening to.

On the other hand with the advancement of tablets, Android appearing to lead the pack, Microsoft Office could slip in its impact. Microsoft needs to re-evaluate its stance on developing for Android and iOS. It is possible that one day they could wake up and find that their market has moved on, somewhat like Kodak did.

They, Microsoft, have a chance however they are also prone to; 1) be late to the plate, and 2) have to go through 3 or 4 at bat’s before they get a hit. That will not help them here. A bad app is as good as a loss.

Hmm…. think phone lag.

With regard to other journalists; When the language gets inflammatory or demeaning the writer is a Microsoft (Apple, Google) basher and I really dismiss right off most of what they have to say. Some do not even present a reasonable argument against Windows 8, just some personal inability to comprehend the change. Actually Windows 8 is quite well done. Hatred is a nasty thing. Too often the tech journalist also ignores the fact that the bigger market is not the techie world but the ‘normal’ consumer who does want it easy.

People said that Grandma and Grandpa would never learn to program the VCR – they did, and they will love Windows 8.

Disparaging Office 2013 says that you have never even looked at it.

So there it goes for Friday.

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